Are you ready for medical school? Photo by our own ALKALINE PHOTOGRAPHY

Many people want to come to medical school!
Yeah they want to become doctors, wear white coats, perform surgeries, be respected, earn big money, blah blah blah but it entails a lot. You should know what it takes. If your answers to the following questions is No, You should change your perspective if you are bent on coming to medical school, or discover where you really belong.

1. Can you handle challenges?

Medical School Challenges, Can you handle it? Literally...

Challenges are encountered regularly. You’ll find it hard to get up some mornings. Being regular in classes and lab sessions is another challenge. During
dissection, you may not find some structures.

You might find it hard to understand some things and the work may be bulky and stressful but as a medical student you should think outside the box and create solutions. You are being trained to Solve Problems.

2. Am I good at paying attention to details?

In medicine little details count, If you don’t pay
attention you might find things really hard.
You should pay attention to details while listening in class, reading, studying and dissecting.

3. Am I good at working with other people?

Medical School is all about team work

If you’re a Lone Ranger, you need to change your style. You should read together because no one can know all. During dissections, you have to work as a team. Treating patients at times requires the professional help of your colleagues.

4. Am I Ready to Study well?

I mean study well, not hard. They’re two different things. You must develop
your own method to be the very best in whatever you do by studying well. You need to pass an Exam before moving on to a new level, and that requires Hard work.

5.Am I ready to be Patient and Respectful?

In Medical school if you are rude to your lecturers or your seniors, you are breaking your back. You must listen and take advice and correction. You don’t disrespect people
who have Academic Authority over you. They are stern so you can be good doctors.

What’s your answer? Yes? Then you’re ready to some extent. So await the next set of questions. No? Then you need to work on yourself and let medical school work on you.


One more thing, make sure to come for Fulfilment not Money. It follows after…

Stay Tuned for more…

Please drop your own questions and comments below…

Original article by Joshua Idowu, BDS student, CMUL, UNILAG

Modified and illustrated by Medigist


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  1. Odunlade Tobi says:

    Good work nice one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. We’re expecting you over here. Hope you’re ready


  2. Erges says:

    am admitted into microbiology department ……pls can I change to any medical course? like MLS


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