Call: Great Akokites!
Response: Great
Call: Great Akokites!
Response: Great..
Definitely, you’ll be thought this ritual at your Orientation program which begins today, but practically speaking…


You are yet to be Akokites until after your matriculation ceremony

Welcome into and to the University of Lagos, I would love to count you all Graced! Yes,  not Lucky but Graced to have been admitted into this prospective college 🎓, where application by students each year is massive… Geometrically increasing each year 😄😄😄

Though you are still “Freshites” not “Akokites” 😜😜..
Am sure you are prepared for work… I mean real work.. Well this blog will help you academically, socially, spiritually (God is needful in all we do) e.t.c..


Check out our previous post on what to expect and what not to expect at akoka and how to scale through… Have a pleasant stay in the University of Lagos…..

Ashton Justice


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