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Welcome to the New Medigist Blog. The one stop for Every thing Medical. Education, health, lifestyle and more. Med schools gist, News, info, interviews, tips, breaking news etc. The place for you to get and share the latest happenings in the medical community and medical schools around the world. The one stop most reliable online resource for everything pertaining to the study, practice and utililization of medicine and medical allied disciplines.


Right here, is where we’d be feeding you, as usual, the best of medical school by medical students and for the love of service and humanity. The updates and info on diseases and anomalies plaguing the human race, the lastest gist in the med world, tips and advice to inspire you, health and lifestyle tips, stories, poems, jokes etc about those memorable moments in medical school, those unforgettable funny (and otherwise) experiences that add humor to the daily struggle, and much more. You can browse our archives by category, by tags, by popularity or by chronology, below

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Medigist: Towards a healthier you


About Us

 Every thing Medical. News, info, forums, discussion, interviews, tips, breaking news etc. The place for you to get and share the latest happenings in the medical community.

Our Mission

 To be the largest most reliable online resource for everything pertaining to the study, practice and utililization of medicine and medical allied disciplines.

 To mentor aspiring and current medical students to excel in their chosen careers as Doctors, surgeons, dental surgeons, nurses pharmacists, lab scientists, physiotherapists, pharmacologists, opthalmologists, .

To celebrate accomplished and outstanding present and past medical students thereby motivating their successors to excel.

To provide talented young students with a medium for expressing themselves and honing their skills by publishing and publicising their poems, articles, stories etc and interviewing and profiling them regularly on the blog.

 To empower the general public with the knowledge required to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

 To ensure that the right products / information get to the right people through proper advertising campaigns and sponsored reviews of products/services that benefit medical students and the average health concerned person.


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 The one stop for everything pertaining to health, wellbeing and the study of medicine and medical allied discipline. A place for you to gather information aimed at a healthier you. The hub for students of Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Nursing Science (B. Nursing), Medical Laboratory Science (B. MLS), Physiology, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology, Radiography, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology and other Medical Allied Courses. We feed you with medical advice, news, ground breaking medical discovery and research, notes, medical jokes, medical pickup lines, med school gists and much more.
 For people in non medical or medical allied professions, true to the axiom, health is wealth and knowledge is power, we’ll empower you fit the knowledge to live your life to the fullest.


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Medigist is not a one writer thing or a personal blog. No! It’s a community for everyone medically inclined to contribute. So have you got an experience, advice, information, news, gist, short story, jokes, etc to share? Don’t hesitate to email us doctorclemency@gmail.com or contact us, our contact form is on the side bar. We’ll accept and publish anything, so long it’s medicine or health related. You can also join our numerous forums and join the discussion by replying to our posts.
 Cheers, we’ll be expecting to read from you! Sharing is caring! Remember, Knowledge empowers!

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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Justice Richard says:

    what are the best textbooks for Fsc 105, 101 & 103


    1. Chukwudubem says:

      Pls can u tell us what subjects they represent, so we might be able to help better:D


    2. Dubem has answered your question below. Please your comment was out of context, try to post your comments relating to the post. Thanks for commenting anyway, we appreciate it


  2. Chukwudubem says:

    So for fsc 101 that should be biology, biological science is the best, but i strongly recommend that u absorb everything ur lecurer gives u in his notes nd materials…d biology lecturers hardly go outside of what they give you in class. Then for fsc105… Get Mr adewale’s textbook nd solve all d questions, u should also get lamlad it helps a lot. Then if Grandpa is teaching u, you probably hav his material already…nd his questions nd solutions are not too easy to understand but just try your best God will see u thru. Then for fsc 103 computer, there is a textbook that the lecuturer will sell himself nd it has practise ques at d back try as much as possible to solve all of dem repeatedly..then for ur visual basic…d book might not be too explanatory so i suggest u also make use of d internet. I hope dis helps…Best of luck

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  3. aliyaa shah says:

    The information you have posted is very useful. The sites you have referred was good. Thanks for sharing..
    avalon university The School os medicine


  4. Justice Richard Ashton says:

    hi fellow medigister who is going to squat me oh!!!! need an hostel to stay


  5. Enigmatrix says:

    Clement I think You guyx need to work on time management.


  6. Enigmatrix says:

    Clement I think You guyx need to work on time management.Itz vry good


  7. Esther says:

    nice post.


  8. Mary says:

    really cool


  9. Oluchi says:

    really superb , love this blog!!


    1. judith says:



  10. Omosalewa says:

    thumbs up.. medigist crew


  11. Ikeoluwa says:



  12. Ofe says:

    Hmmmm!!! what can I say


  13. Sonia says:



  14. Blessing says:

    indeed this is a lovely blog. keep up the good work


  15. Nestor says:

    nice!!! bro real nice


  16. Oluwaseyi says:

    I love this site!!!


  17. Chidiebere says:



  18. Justice Ashton Richard says:

    thanks!!!, guy just follow the link on your email…


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