Do you wanna be popular 2

Recently, we started this article for those who have something to offer to get the publicity they need. Here are more tips to add to the previous ones. You can read them here→ if you’re not putting them into practice already.

Have a cause: People should not just know you. They must know you for something. That’s the difference between popularity and notoriety. Let’s play a game. Draw a table with two columns (c’mon,  you can do this in your mind).  In one, list as many popular students you can. In the other, write something you can associate each student with.


What do notice?

Recognize and utilize opportunities: As an artist, artiste, politician, entrepreneur in need of publicity, you have to take every opportunity you can find. Writer? Look for blogs or magazines you can feature in. As a performer, perform at shows for free especially if you’re still upcoming. Exposure is a bigger form of payment.

Source: Instagram

If you’re talented (and maybe cute) enough, you could contest in a pageant or talent show like Mr and Miss Medilag. Such shows are usually not about winning but putting a performance that will register your name in the minds of the audience.

We didn't know fire was edible till we saw Mr Medilag 15, Micheal on The Mr and Miss Medilag stage

Do publicity: Publicity can take any form. You can have your picture in your department’s notice board like you know who. You can paste your flyer around school like one of our best fashion designers. You can have your art, poetry or stories in the notice boards. You can go room to room telling everyone what you do (you didn’t read that here). You can even pull a stunt with a hummer stretch and have the whole school talking about you. It’s all publicity.

Whatever you do, however you do it, make sure you’re not keeping your gifts and your goods to your self.

Don’t waste your rosy fragrance in a desert air.

See you at the top.


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  1. oyin says:

    Well said


  2. Sia says:

    skid-Iranu.. LOL


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