Them talk say if breeze blow
Fowl yansh go open
I just want make una know
wetin dey happen
Una see that girl them dey call Ivey
Una see as she lovely
Savvy and curvy?
Just look her body
See as she set with assets and bobby
Ivey get HIV!

From Alhaji
Which Alhaji? Rich Alhaji
Fat Alhaji? That Alhaji
Wey you go see every night for OPH, MTH, Block 4 and Moremi
Alhaji buy Ivy Camry
Carry her go miami
Give her plenty money
Turn her life to movie
Come give her HIV

Art by Gold Jade

That Fimpe girl na die
She sabi no be lie
Chai, she carry she dey fire
Like ferrari, she no dey tire
Just wave your magic stick
She go fulfill all your desire
But I hear say she go soon retire
Her hips no dey lie
But eeeees
Them no go tell you say she get AIDS

Image source: Google

What of my padi?
My guy Ogadi
Wey like to dey re body
And move body and join body
Him fit drop any kudi for idi
No be to fap and pass
Him come school
Na to tap some ass
Him come do
Him no dey hard to pull
To dey dull no good
Body no be firewood
So man gats use him tool
E done do all the girls for school
Fimpe and Ivy too
My guy thinks he’s cool
Born to rule
AIDS is real fool


Papa Julie na heartless man
See as God dey bless that man
Him no be jobless man
House, car, Good wife, pikin, what else man?
But the man na shameless man
Dey sleep around with small girls (and)
Him go soon turn lifeless man

Mama Nkechi no dey siddon for house
She go just dey gallivant like grouse
Dey piam piam piam like mouse
Dey cling to small boys like louse
Now she done light fire wey she no fit douse


You’ve lighted a fire you can’t douse
Those spots on your skin is not craw craw
You’re having a persistent cough
And your eyes are sore
You’ve become an eyesore
And you’re no longer sure
You’re wondering, ‘was that me I saw?’
Cause your image in the mirror calls for sober reflection
You’ve tried every pill and every injection
Still, this is no ordinary infection
It’s probably what you suspect
But don’t get all jittery yet
Wait for the result of the doctor’s test
And I can bet
That it’s positive
And that’s not positive

Your sad image in the mirror calls for sober reflection... Art by Gold Jade

This is the story of my padi, Mama Nkechi Alhaji, papa julie, Fimpe and Ivey
Not blue
Please don’t let this be you

Don’t lose your life a treasure
To few moments of pleasure
We can Prevent this disease
With ease if we Know our ABCs
Abstain, be faithful, or use a condom
And don’t go about
Making out
With anybody at random
AIDS no dey show for face
So Abeg let’s play it safe
If you dey abstain
Keep it up
If you wan sustain
Abeg zip it up
Before you get in bed
Use your head


Poem by Clemency Green @ThatPoetClem

Originally performed last year at a stage play performance of MEDILAG writer Towunmi Coker’s Promise Of The Future

Thanks to GOLD JADE for the illustrations.

Share the word, not the virus. #STOPTHESPREAD


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  1. Clinton says:

    Yh.. A way to put a check to the number of people affected by this bane of our existence.. Nice art… Lovely poem… Hope to hear more from u guys though

    Liked by 1 person

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