Do you wanna be popular?

Medilag has a lot of popular people. People who you can’t help hearing their names at least once a day. It’s probably because Medilag is a small school, or because it has a lot of amazing talents that can’t hide. Politicians, Fashion designers, dancers, models, photographers, speed painters, athletes, fire eaters, writers, poets, name it. Medilag has it all, and knows them all.

MEDILAG's kings and Queens, Mr and Miss Medilag 2015 and the runners up

Maybe Medilag doesn’t know you yet, or doesn’t know you enough (especially if you’ll be contesting a position soon. Do you have something the world needs? Maybe a little publicity is all you need. Here’s help. From observing MEDILAG’s finests, I’ve deduced some tips for you.

Go out for it: The first step to being popular is to decide to be popular. Quit being shy, come out of your shell. Stop keeping you and your gifts to yourself. If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the Mountain will come to Mohammed (or something like that).

Make a conscious effort to know people and let people know you. Many call this famzing, well famzing is a number one success rule. Familiarity will open more doors for you than your abilities alone can. Ask any student politician.

COMPSSA's president CeeJay, very popular for his countless handshakes.

Socialize: Go out, meet people. Attend events, especially those in line with your field. You’re a musician or a Poet? Open mics. Artist? Art shows. Model? Fashion shows, pageants Etc. You dunno where you’ll get your big break. Don’t just attend these events, make them worth your while by applying tip number 1 when you get there.

Medilag students at Terra Kulture for a Word Up Poetry Slam

Don’t be like some people who haven’t been to a gathering in MEDILAG before. No dinner, no concert, no variety night, no filmshow, no symposium, no fellowship  in school yet they wonder why nobody knows them.

Make sure to hang out with your books too

Social media
: Of course, this is the 21st century, your popularity has to extend to where most people spend their time; online. What do Akin Faminu, Cassie Daves, Fola David, all have in common? You’re right, massive online presence. Surprised they’re leading the pack of popular MEDILAG cool kids?

Cassie Daves, before graduating from the college of Medicine was (Still is) MEDILAG's top blogger and fashion icon.
Akin Faminu
Fola David, Mr Medilag 14, artist and speed painter

Their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts as well as their websites are very active. The Facebook most people call ‘dead’ is a sorta workplace for some. See social media beyond the likes and followers to a place with opportunities.

I know 🙈 I'm still hustling

However, be careful on social media to connect with only those in your circle of interest not every Tom, DICK and Harry…

To be continued…

Three tips and more to go… Try these steps and see a change in your reputation and influence. But is being popular enough? Find out how to maintain the reputation in the next set of tips.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. ysuhltan says:

    🙂 …Clemency, been reading dz blog fr somtyme ..its a real good thing bro,more grease t ur elbow ..m a pharm student tho.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. You’re welcome on board. We have something for everybody. ..


  2. ty says:

    Not a Medilag Std….but this is great. More Grace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Ty. These tips apply in any student / youth community, you’ll still find them useful.


  3. Thank you for the mention, we are trying small small oh. Lol

    But hey, I was one of those people oh – you know the ones that didn’t belong to any community or attend any dinner night, kini ko and ko in school. I hardly even stayed in hostel. Lol

    I agree it has its benefits though, shebi if I was in one fellowship or something now, maybe I would have found connection to get house job *tears* lool

    Great job though.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I’m sure you were probably scarce in school because you were making connections outside. Socialising doesn’t have to be limited to school events alone.

      About your house job, what you’ll get will be well worth the wait, all the best!


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