Greenspiration: Beauty from Pain

In life, challenges come. Pain, trial, failure, adversity, setbacks are all a part of human life. And they are a good part too…. Sadly 😦 however, we fail see the good in bad situations. We tend to discard both baby and bath water by condemning an ugly looking situation as incapable of producing anything positive.

We forget that a farmland may be barren because it is fertile with gold.


We have to take whatever life gives us, whatever form it takes, because we’ll be making a big mistake letting go of whatever we’re meant to hold on.

We shouldn’t be quick to sell off a goldmine as a wasteland.
We shouldn’t treat adversity with fear, challenge with cowardice, failure with discouragement, or ill fate with resignation

Imagine what would have happened if David had cowered from his Goliath, if Thomas Eddison had resigned to be a failure, if J. Rowlings had taken it as her lot not to be a writer…

The great Mama Medilag, the provost of the College of Medicine, UNIVERSITY of Lagos has had tough times too

Maybe those are too far fetched, what if President Buhari had quit trying? What if the Great Mama MEDILAG (the much loved provost of CMUL) had not risen up to the challenge of failing a course while in Med school.

Look at me now, The failures no longer count

I’d rather not imagine life without electricity (even if NEPA leaves little to the imagination)… And errr… Harry Potter is such a great franchise…

A seven-year period saw the death of her mother, divorce from her first husband and relative poverty until Rowling finished the first novel in the Harry Potter series, She became a multi millionaire in the following five years

Agreed, life may not always be a bed of roses, sometimes it may be water leaf… Make the most of it (roses are not edible sef… And ewedu is delicious 😛 )… Champions are made out of challenges, legends emerge from tribulations and the greatest human inventions were made to solve PROBLEMS

So, the next time you feel you’re not up to the task and want to quit, here’re some tips.

Read about David and Goliath (Google it if you don’t have a bible)

Watch Harry Potter

Reminisce on Nigerian politics especially in the last decade

Or just simply look up at a light bulb and remember that the genius who invented it could have given up, but he didn’t!

After all this has passed, I still will remain
After I’ve cried my last, there’ll be beauty from pain

I hope I’m talking to somebody…

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  1. lilmzz says:

    Awesome read pops🙌

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