Royals XV, the year book class of the combined departments of Medicine and surgery (MBBS)  and dentistry (BDS), would be leaving this school in a bit, and they won’t be leaving empty-handed.

Asides, a medical degree and the prestigious title of ‘doctor’ in their bags, they’ll also be leaving with the expansive experience (both good and bad, #mymbbsstory) that 6 years here has to offer.


And they’ll be missed.

Many of them have served in key offices in the many college unions and left outstanding legacies we hope their successors will live up to. They’ll also be missed for their fashion sense. This is a set that has Mc Austine, Chad, Moyo, Baju, OluSage, and many other legends that we upcoming fashion boys look up to.

Six years in med school, still this pretty

We remember vividly when they launched their YBC theme last year  with #RoyalRumble a riot that painted Medilag in many colours. The pictures were all over instagram, Facebook and BMM medilag and even inspired cheeky memes that we pray they’ll never see.

When they make Miss Medilag form free
Submit your pharmac report next week Monday

And they did it again.



Their royal assembly was supposed to be a Symposium. But it was more. It proved that they were indeed royalty. Thanks to community health – or is it Epid? Homeboy doesn’t know which is which- I wasn’t able to attend most of the event.


I was around only long enough to be served watery tea, listen to an educative and inspiring speech about medical branding that revolved around the game of chess, and be served an unimpressive lunch.

See the emphasis on the food? I’ve learnt one thing about planning events for students; food affects 95% of the ratings. I came in just as Akudo was rounding up her violin performance, but from the applause and her beaming smile, I knew she killed it. I couldn’t stay long enough to see the spoken word performance but I heard it was amazing.

Support the initiative. A laudable project, Save A Chemo Kid SACK

However the two things that really impressed me were one, the Save A Chemo Kid initiative, and two, the attires on display. Sure enough, instagram, BBM and Facebook Medilag were bombarded with pictures and the hashtag #Royalassembly.


At some point I was seeing too much maroon I subconsciously started singing ‘payphone’.


The choice of maroon as the theme colour was just too royal. The blazers, suits, jackets and coats, royal. The dresses and (wow) the make up, royal as well. I almost thought that by some magnificent magnitude of good luck, I had found myself in their YBC dinner.


In the end, I couldn’t but agree that it was a really royal assembly. Set 18, can you hear me?


P. S.: I’m using this medium to wish them all the best in this final lap, and to book a place ‘under the canopy’ on induction



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  1. imole says:

    We really missed this clemency!


    1. Lol… This Clemency? I think he’s returning tho… Thanks for visiting again. Stay tuned for more


  2. teejibs says:

    truely a royal assembly, beautiful!!
    beautifully written clemency.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Thanks for stopping by, hope you’ve taken a fashion cue


  3. Cassandra Akinde says:

    Such a nice article.Well done!!! Love ur writing technique.I am sure there will be a space for you *wink

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ayo says:

    Thats a lovely write up and such colourful pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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