So the viva list is out and the exam is in less than 12 hours. Suddenly, people who were well enjoying their holidays with no inkling of the bomb that was waiting to explode are now scurrying back to school. Those who are fortunate (fortune? Hardworking) enough to have their names on the list unfortunately have just a few hours to prepare for it… :*)

It’s going to be an oral exam and students can be tested on any area of the course.

Oral exams can be tough, there’s almost no time to think and the panel is staring at you, point blank, and you’re nervous and you’ve never done this before


Lemme give you some tips from my experience as a performer, public speaker and from granting several interviews on Tv and radio

1. Rehearse: Especially if you’re not used to public Speaking. Try talking to your mirror, discharge to your roomies, record yourself and see how you sound. I know it’s short notice but believe me, there’s time to get some things in order…

#2. Prepare: Yup. If you have nothing to say, you’ll say nothing, so prepare hard and well. Come loaded and return the fire as you receive it… Leave no stone uncovered… This is also a good confidence booster

3. Calm down: you’re nervous. You’ve never done this before so it’s okay to feel nervous. As stage performers, we’re trained to identify with the nervousness, feel it for a moment. This is important to remind you of what is at stake and to get your brain firing.

But… Control the nerves, they’re your strength (only seasoned speakers know this) but they could also be weaknesses. So calm down especially before facing the examiners, chew gum, rub your palms together, breathe, just make sure the butterflies in your tummy don’t turn to bees.

: 4. Don’t rush; Most people, especially crammers make the mistake of rushing their words and stumbling on them. This is also an effect of your nerves. So go slow, be in control, pick your words well, pause regularly and effectively and be coherent…

5. Be confident: Don’t cower at the sight of the panel. Whether it’s Prof. Sofola or a Prof from the US, they’re humans, and they don’t bite. Be confident. You’re in control, you’re doing the teaching. However, try not to be too cocky or arrogant…

I’ll share more tips as they come and prolly put them on the blog… Just felt like sharing these ones that come to mind… They work for me, they should help you…

#Cheers #Medigist #ClemencyisGreen



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