Resumption! Resumption!! Resumption!!!

Whoa! Surprising right? The holiday has ended, so quickly (😩)…

There are still lots of movies 🎥 to watch, more sleep to catch, more activities to participate in…

Awwwn!! That’s all fantasy now dear, let’s jump back to reality…


School is finally here!! Are you ready?
Ready for loads of assignments?
Ready for test?
Ready for classes?
Are you?

A question we all should start answering, am sure 80% of students are not ready for all these yet…

I for one am just 30% ready for resumption..

Well that’s by the way, it’s time to start building your grades……

It’s time, it isn’t too early… Remember “the early bird 🐦 gets the worm”. The earlier you start preparing for your exams the easier it is for you to excel extremely well…

* So freshers, start building your foundation.
* Returning students, it’s time to be the best you were meant to be.

Having the following factors the sky would just be a starting point for you:
* God factor; Very key
* Discipline

Wish you all a successful session this year…
Happy New year students and Happy Happy Resumption you all are welcome back… 👌👌

We have lots of tips and advice to share with you, hope you’re ready for us too…

Justice Ashton Richard


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