If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to study within the walls of LUTH; share a bedroom with friends, foes or other creatures in the hostels; be a patient, or a visitor to someone on the wards, you may have come across the word WRIGHT and pondered about its ineptitude or competence.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a competition neither is it a recruitment exercise nor a simple play on the words ‘write’ or ‘right’. It’s a broader concept that grasps beyond simple minds; it’s a head on drive past our social barriers; it’s your resourcefulness, enlightenment, expressionism and creativity; it’s you, a better Nigeria and a greater World.

Need I say more? Wouldn’t you rather join this positive chain reaction? Then save the dates and adrenaline for a world changing event as WRITERS’ CLUB MEDILAG presents WRIGHT.



o   Workshop focus:…

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  1. Which types of patients would you rather not work with? What challenges do you want to help patients overcome? These types of questions are useful to tease out what about the career is appealing to you, beyond the inherent novelty.


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