College of medicine and pharmaceutical science students association(COMPSSA) presents to you another spectacular event,the first ever female INTER – BLOCK cooking competition!

Do U think you can cook??? What are u waiting for??
Register NOW and stand a chance to win lots of Prizes and Gifts!

To Register for the competition, contact any of the following people on or before thursday 22nd May 2014.

– Wing B OPH Sonia Edet (COMPSSA AGS) room 54B 08076595686

– Wing A OPH Kemi Olawoye ( COMPSSA VP) room 54B 08077504032

– Old OPH Ododo Esther (OPH Hall Rep 2014) room 25B 08141217118

– Block 4 Briggs Tonye (Block 4 Hall Rep2014) room 446 08025936059

-Block 5 Tayo Akadiri Room 540, 07038083229

– Block 1, Cooperative and Radiography Yosola Adeyeye 08138139160 or Chidinma Okeke 08180867919


Note: Only 12 contestants can register in each block/wing

     ……………..COMPSSA is Working!!!


Finally, a chance to see if MEDILAG girls can actually cook . I’ve had enough of scaries and collabo, let’s try some home made for a change. Abi how you see am?



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