From today, Monday, the 28th of April, AMSUL games 2014 would get underway. The sports festival is a sporting event organized by the Association of Medical Students University of Lagos. The games would involve students from every level. It’s a competition for students of medicine and surgery in MEDILAG to showcase their sportsmanship and foster proper relationship between and amongst the levels.


The competition would involve the future doctors competing in both indoor games and outdoor track and field events. The indoor games include table tennis, scrabble, chess, ludo, and PES soccer game. In the outdoor category, there’s Soccer, basketball, lawn tennis, volleyball, and athletics (100, 200, 400, 800 metre races, long jump and the 4 by 1- 4 X 100m- relay race).

There’re medals and other prizes (including reputation) for the winners.

The fixtures for the games have been drawn (and yours truly was involved a bit). The games would span a period of two weeks, with two Sundays free leaving twelve days of competition, beginning today 28th April to Friday 9th of May.

Today would see two football fixtures, 200lvl vs 400lvl (4pm, subject to change) and 300lvl vs 500lvl in the male category after the opening ceremony. The female basketball event would also hold today.

The full timetable can be viewed below.

  • part one students still interested in participating in any sport should see Clemency or Emmanuel today.
  • Those interested in being part of the Part 1 football team should converge on Monday after class with their Kits. Very important, their kits!

We hope (and are making necessary arrangements) to bring you all the highlights and updates on the competition, so stay connected!

The AMSUL games 2014 is underway, brace yourself!





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