Shortly before I came across this short piece of sad news, I saw a tweet on Twitter that said something about Nigerian doctors being second only to Indian doctors on UK backlist. I ignored the tweet as another work of them bad belle peeps. But judging by news like this…

Reports has it that a Nigerian doctor, Dr. Babatunde Coker and another doctor Dr Yahya Al-Abed (I couldn’t ascertain his nationality as at the time of this post), have been charged to court for malpractice after removing a woman’s ovaries instead of her appendix. This resulted in her suffering a miscarriage and subsequent death. The two doctors are doctors at the Queen’s hospital in Ramford, Essex


32-year old mother of three, Maria de Jesus had gone to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain, and Junior Surgeon Al-Abed had suggested an appendectomy, which the Consultant General and surgical lead, Coker, his supervisor, had agreed to.

Coker was supposed to remain in the gallery to supervise the surgery and said he would “be around” but instead ate lunch and proceeded to go home, after waiting too long for De Jesus to give consent. Al-Abed removed what he thought was the appendix but it was later found out to be an ovary.

According to,
 “Dr Al Abed had been working at the hospital just under three weeks and failed to inform more senior colleagues he only had limited experience of carrying out such operations on pregnant women.

He has also admitted failing to ensure he was supervised during the procedure or calling for the duty consultant when the operation started to go wrong.”

De Jesus, 21 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, returned to the hospital with severe abdominal pain 19 days later. After delivering her stillborn son, De Jesus was taken into an emergency appendectomy and died on the table from multiple organ failure due to sepsis.

Al-Abed admits to his mistake but denies malpractice. Coker is also facing the malpractice tribunal and admits to his failure to supervise the surgery but denies the other charges.
As much as I hate blame games, if you ask me, I’d say the fault lies mainly on Dr. Al-Abed, though if Dr. Coker had been less negligent, the situation could have been salvaged.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    I think the Dr. Coker is in trouble because of Al-Abed’s overconfidence and a bit of impatience on his side(though that’s a bit understandable cuz he might have had a really busy day being a consultant and all that)

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  2. Skid says:

    Dr Al-Abed should be flogged and sent to jail


    1. volunteer to do the flogging


  3. oluwatobi says:

    This is really absurd and pathetic….

    Nigerian doctors need more training


    1. well….. Al Abed needs more training, and he’s not Nigerian


  4. Fierceglowrrie says:

    Since when does an ovary look like an appendix? Well, he may be a doctor but he’s still human and humans make mistakes sometimes. But still!!! Hmmm God help us all.

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    1. See why they should give us female cadavers? He probably did not recognize the ovary because he never saw it in the male cadaver he was trained with!

      Team #femalecadaver #bringussomegirls #dorodissectfemale


      1. Fierceglowrrie says:

        Are you sure it’s ovary you’re looking for? Or u want to check out other things.


        1. And what if I want to check out other things? I should know the entire anatomy of the human body, male and female!


  5. James says:

    Please leave Dr Coker alone! Al abed should not have operated without clearing with Dr Coker! It’s not Dr Coker’s fault if Al abed cannot differentiate between an ovary and an appendix!! I am not a doctor and I know the difference!

    By the way Al-abed is not Nigerian!!!!


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