Still on the hostel parole… Last week, we posted a comment on one of our posts that the hostel application would be out last Wednesday. This was based on genuine information gotten from the COMPSSA excos and the Dean of Students Affairs.

Well, on Wednesday,first thing in the morning, I checked, others checked, prolly you checked too. But there was no hostel portal in existence. I know many of you would want to crucify me (it’s Easter) for posting wrong info, but we were right. CMUL MEDILAG LUTH students’ hostel portal was meant to open on Wednesday but the date has been postponed due to some discrepancies.


As you read on, I’d let you know what these difficulties are, their resolutions and when the hostel application portal would be functional again.



As I was saying, on Wednesday, the CMUL Site had no link to any hostel portal. I made a mental note to see the COMPSSA Gen sec about it (I’m getting wary of the DSA, the guy go soon change am for us) after class (of course, na medicine I come read,not journalism). 

Some Medigist Meditors(excluding me) were at the COMPSSA Office and were given a low down on the situation. We bumped into the COMPSSA gen sec later in the evening and he collaborated their account.

According to him, the number of students applying for space this year exceeds the available spaces. This issue has to be fixed before the hostel allocation can begin. In search of a resolution, all the student leaders met in the common room to discuss a solution. According to MedicAnthos, COMPSSA executives and departmental excos met with the DSA and two possible resolutions were put forward involving some sacrifice on the part of some parties.

We were given a low down on these solutions and their ripple effects( paragraphs worth of gist) but sadly, we’re not in the right position to give out such information. However, we can tell you that steps are being made to make sure everything is ready for the hostel application to begin after the Easter holidays, possibly on Tuesday.

We can also tell you that the process will be sped up this year because of the delays already encountered. So instead of the usual two months wait after application to move in, everything should not take up to three weeks to finalize this time. I dunno how most part 1 students would cope sha, but as for most us in Medigist, floating is the way! Thank you Archimedes!

awon floaters in action


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Happy Easter!



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  1. sage kakashi says:

    so we go kon float for anoda 3 weeks…choi!!!!!!!…aye ooo

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  2. Joshua says:

    Chai. It is well o


  3. sage kakashi says:

    Clement u no nyc o…hu b dah guy u kon put as floater na…lmao!!!


    1. Isn’t that you? You follow floaters sha


  4. dansan says:

    Ehn?!!!!!! 3weeks ke!……na so we qo float thruout dis year b dis o


    1. God forbid! Float throughout part 1? Fail rate go high gaan like say e smoke weed


  5. medicanthos says:

    Nice one clement, I use this medium to welcome u all to CMUL. u can be rest assured that compssa is out to fight for you and defend ur right at every quarters. Firstly we understand that the hostel allocation is long over due, the reason been that the Asuu strike Wc crippled most of the academic activities last year caused an undue extension in the session Wc led to the late release of final year result as result of this, they still have reasons to remain in the hostel, secondly the official list of the successful candidates of those that crossed to College of medicine was not sent from Akoka until last week friday Wc caused a little set back. Later it was discovered that the number of supposed applicants will be more than available bed spaces the reason the application was not on last week Wednesday as earlier announced. All these have been resolved and U can be rest assured that the hostel accommodation exercise will be out this new week. pls bear with us. We wish to notify u all of some our upcoming events: Fresher’s day coming up immediately u move into the hostel, Mr & Miss Medilag coming on 1st of May, 2014 and lastly Health week coming up in July. Available items at the Compssa Secretariat: Compssa branded Labcoat, Textbooks and dissecting sets all at subsidized rates. wish u all a successful and itch free stay in Idi araba.
    For any enquiries, informations and clarifications Contact the Compssa General Secretary Folashade Anthony O. On 08067327181, 74e244e4.

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    1. medicanthos says:

      Also we have our provost sport festivals coming up in 2nd week of May…u all shud make ursevs available to represent ur department at various sporting activities.. thank u

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      1. @Medicanthos Thanks for reaching out to us. Good to know COMPSSA cares!


  6. Yewande says:

    Thanks a lot for this info. Was wondering what went wrong.


    1. Not just you, most of us were heart broken. Especially we, the proud floaters! Now we have been cleared, we understand and are patiently waiting.


  7. Skid says:

    Floating tins on point


    1. You come shook mouth inside floaters matter. You that has a flat to yourself outside school. Or do you want us to come and squat?


  8. Larryhbk says:

    Thank God o…but floating for another three weeks…chai…na to say bye bye to books for that period o


    1. Asiin, only PES and FIFA allowed. Archimedes principle of floatation states in Spanish “A floater can not fap more than the suspending bonafide”.


      1. ktoriia says:

        lool, clement!?!


        1. Ktoriia wazap, wanna join the floaters? Contact Mommoh, form is 3k


  9. Princegent says:

    u guys can even float sef!!! pple like me nowhere to float…..datz coming from owm for the next three weeks…….soooo not gonna be convenient…….#sobs#


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