How salty is death? Want a taste?

 Read and know…

 The kidney, that small ‘beans-thing’ in your abdomen is the major organ responsible for the maintenance of a life-supporting internal environment in your body.


 IT FILTERS ABOUT 180 LITRES OF WATER PER DAY!!!(that tiny thing??!!). Well, yes, without that tiny thing, about half a tank of water, and other ‘yama yama’ would be in your body (na die be that o)

 So, now you know how important your kidneys are, let’s see how common ‘common-salt’ can damage it.

 The convoluted tubules present in the nephrons of your kidneys actually are built to detect and control the level of salt in your body. When blood highly concentrated in salt enters your kidneys, they are not filtered. They enter straight into the convoluted tubules which carries out selective re-absorption.

 When Na+ (sodium) ion concentration is high, the cells of the tubules absorb more water to keep the concentration normal again. So imagine almost 180 litres of water retained in you! This leads to an increase in blood volume. Hence, the blood leaving the kidneys and ultimately back to the heart is much, leading to high blood pressure.

 Meanwhile, some cells in your heart and in your kidney tubules sense this discrepancy and try to normalise the blood pressure by increasing the blood vessels’ size. This leads to high renal blood flow and high filtration pressure in the filtering sites of the kidneys, hence  damaging the fragile filters.

 So you can save yourself the ‘wahala’ of having to raise 7 killio(or more) for kidney transplant by watching your salt intake. Read more about the kidney here>>>

 Disclaimer: this article is not meant to replace a doctor’s advice.


Arinze “Aristotle” is a poet, writer, and a student at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. Popular for topping the class in his First year, He is also a regular contributor on Medigist where he shares Advice and Inspiration for fresh and aspiring medical students as well as Informative Health Tips.

Read all his post on Medigist here===>


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  1. This is a very good article. The way people take salt nowadays especially in processed form, I can only SMH. Not like I’m not guilty tho. Thanks for this piece Arinze


  2. Justice Ashton Richard says:

    This is a nice post @Sir_Aristotle really an eye opener for salt consumers, Clemency u don hear.. personally I don’t like much salt.


  3. Princegent says:

    Nyc post….am a real culprit sef…..learned some physiology of d kidney tho . …#winks#

    Liked by 1 person

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