On of the missions of the Medigist Movement is to mentor and guide young and aspiring medical and paramedical students to excel in their chosen medical and paramedical fields. In view of this, Medigist was around to reach out to the diploma foundation students preparing for their exams by conducting free overnight revision classes for them.



Medigist was at Engineering on Tuesday morning to revise their Biology with them. Being a past diploma student, yours truly was able to point out some key points that always show up in the exams. The questions set by succesful students of the past diploma set for the MEDIGIST DIPLOMA MOCK EXAM were also looked at.

The testimonies we got from the students who attended the revision were in fact overwhelming. We learned everything that we treated came out. In fact,one guy who finished the exams in 15 minutes was so grateful he offered to buy my lunch (Thankia). Many of the students agreed that the Revision was very useful as they wouldn’t have even thought to read the things that came out. You can share your own testimony to assure us we’re not wasting our time and ginger more past students to come.


On wednesday, Medigist was at sciences, helping the students prepare for Microbiology. I Clemency was already making good progress with the students when a 300 level student from the department of microbiology, Emmanuel, (a cousin to Medigist’s Proto G) came univited and assited. We want to use this medium to thank him again, especially because the part he taught was what came out most(culture media). The turn up was impressive and the students’ response was encouraging. Please if you were in attendance, share your experience and what you gained in the comment box.


Thursday was mathematics which was no problem for most students so there wasn’t much teaching, just guiding the students to study the questions they had been given. Medigist was also with a group of students, solving the difficult problems for them.


For Physics, Medigist was around on Friday, this time, Clemency had company. Medigist’s co-editor Joshua Idowu and another past diploma student of dentistry were around too. The revision was concentrated on three areas; notes, lecturers revision questions and past questions. This was because the questions could be set mainly from any or all of these. True enough, we heard the questions were set from the notes especially.


We’re working on the remaining subjects. DMEd (introductory medical science) and Dpharm are being planned out. We’re working on bringing many Idi Arabites en masse to organize tutorial classes for DMED and DPHARM. We plan to hold these classes in the evening but as it will take a lot of planning and logistics, the date and time is not fixed yet. Keep in touch with the blog to get the updates.


 Stay logged in to and follow us on Twitter, and Facebook to remain updated on the venue and time for these classes. You can also ask your classmates for more information.

Remember, except otherwise stated, the revision classes are extremely free of charge! We only require you to show your appreciation by showing interest in Medigist and what we have to offer. Comment and follow this blog by submitting your email and get the revision materials and past questions in your inbox. All the best!!!


Conmect with Idi-Arabites and other medical students by joining the Medigist Team. You can join the best online journal for medical students by commenting, signing up for email updates.



Emmanuel, with the diploma students


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  1. Andrew says:

    It is nice blog. It had given me a good information on medical writing which I have been looking for many days.


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