The news making the rounds today and yesterday is that The College of Medicine, University of Lagos Hostel Accommodation Application and Allocation has commenced on CMUL website. The portal can be accessed by visiting CMUL’S website and logging into your student account.


Naturally, in their ever competitive gunning manner, the medical and paramedical students besieged the website consequently contesting it. Hence #Medigist has not been able to  access it (and I seriously need to) to analyze the situation. However, we’ve been getting testimonies from those who have been able to log in.


Despite this, we have reasons to believe the whole process is buns(diploma students slang for sham, see picture below).


 Firstly, Medigist was at the Dean of Students Affairs Office yesterday when the gist just broke out to confirm. When we inquired of him if we can apply for hostels yet, this was his reply “There’s nothing like that yet, we’ll let you know when it’s out which will be very soon (as usual)”. He also added “When the hostels are ready, we’d put up a notice”. The nice woman in his outer office (the one always feeding me ‘very soons’) was kind enough to add that the hostels would be ready when the students writing professionals are through and have moved out.


The second (and lesser) reason I think you guys have been fed buns is that hostel application is not usually done online and only direct entry/diploma students have student portals in year two or part one medicine and dentistry.


 So is College of medicine, University of Lagos (CMUL) feeding us buns or is the hostel application and allocation out for real?


Let us know what you think, and if you’ve been able to access the congested CMUL website and gotten a space, or not. Drop your views in the comment box!


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  1. Reports reaching us today from COMPSSA says the hostel portal is a test run and would be fully operational next week


    1. adora says:

      Oh tnx becos the list just came out 2day


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