Congratulations to all students of the University of Lagos, Akoka who matriculated yesterday. Most especially the medics and paramedics, both year 1 and Year 2(including me).


May God see the good work he has started in us to completion. Our stay in Idi Araba, and Akoka, would be successful and positively eventful. We shall excel and fulfill our purposes.


By God’s grace, we’d come together again in a few years to celebrate our convocation and Induction as the case may be. Amen?




View our matriculation pictures on Instagram, follow Iclemency.


Share your matriculation experience and best wishes in the comment box below.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Wow! yesterday was so much fun!


    1. Really!!! At first I was reluctant to attend. I thought it would be embarrassing matriculating after 2 years in Unilag.

      But after the hugs, the kisses 😉, the pictures, the fun, I was just feeling great. It felt really good matriculating at last!

      I xoxo love this set mehn, feel blessed to belong! By God’s grace, our convocations and Inductions would be happier!


  2. salt says:

    It was fun too. I Really enjoyed d menu menu(food and snacks) some ‘confirm’ friends shared.
    Dis is merely d inception of greater and terrific things!

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    1. Got some item 7 too. Baydee’s Meatpie and Titi’s punch. The only two confirm friends lol😁. Inception…well said!


  3. Slimseraph says:

    It was fun thou i nt see everyone i wanted too. And yes, i was also reluctant at first. Good memories

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  4. Slimseraph says:

    Typing errors. I meant i didnt see everyone i wanted to

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  5. Princegent says:

    I initially knew ir wud b fun!!!! Ns low nd behold it actually was!!!! Nd Clem u gerrit baje….meeting pple….taking pics…hangout…. chauing…etc

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  6. Chukwudubem says:

    It was also very fun for me …especially the taking pictures part, anybody i see takin a pic i will just go and chook my head in d pic..i really burnt a lot of calories jumping from one persons pic to another..lol..nd it was good to see my friends again

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  7. Adeleke Niyi David says:

    Congratulation 2 u guyz!!! This word will not go into extinction or be one of ur scarce resources and forgone alternative but will be no 1 on ur scale of preference!!!

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  8. justice richard says:

    it was a spectacular and great event, the beginning of greater and marvelous events to come. at first with gown issue I thought it was gonna be a stressful day but at last I really enjoyed myself, so also did my coursemate. I thank God for a great event. may we celebrate a better one. Amen!!!.


  9. blessing says:

    I’m so happy for u guYz…blivinq come next session itz qona be mine..opting in for sociology!success frnds

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    1. Thanks Blessing. You too will become an Akokite next year by God’s grace.


      1. blessing says:

        Amen and amen..dear’thanks


        1. You’re welcome. stay tuned to Medigist Journal, let’s help you however we can


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