Happy Birthday to the Major!!!

Happy birthday to the only guy who is majorly Igbo. Louis Ugochukwu Marie Udoye (mostly not real names). Just wondering why his birthday just had to be today and we still didn’t gba shine on him… Well maybe we didn’t have his time.


We serzly don’t give a _____ about the student of Pharmacy at the College of Medicine, University Of Lagos, Medilag, CMUL, LUTH, Idi Araba, but maybe you do, so we’ll leave you to drop your birthday wishes for him in the comment box. Show the worthy #Team Medigist Member some love.


I’m tired today from taking hugs, holding waist (ukwu!) and concorting facial tortoisities to describe the guy even briefly, but I’ll leave you with his pictures

and you’re free to read his interview here ====>www.medigist.wordpress.com/category/exemplary-medics and his write up on Medicinal plants here =====>www.medigist.wordpress.com/category/health-tips.


And don’t forget to wish him well, he needs the love seriously!


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  1. Princegent says:

    Hehe!!!!! We really had no tym giving u bdae wishes…… HBD sha…remember…. MAVISE #winks#


    1. Lol, wetin happen for Mavise, the guy beg you for kpomo?


  2. Slimseraph says:

    Happy birthday bro. All the best. Igbo Majorrrrrr!


  3. dansan says:

    Uqo boss!
    Sorry ur bdae waz on d same day as d matric..
    Buh I’m sure u enjoyed ur day all d same
    Once aqain….Happy bday Major


    1. We no enjoy 100% oh! The guy dey owe us party o! I’ve already told his sister to start preparing!


  4. Anthony says:

    So sorry am late. Happy birthday major llnp!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Proto G says:

    Hapi bday d major…..live long and prosper. Thanks 4 dat package sha even tho na dansan take 3/5. Sorry am later BT better late dan never.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Proto G says:



    2. So there was package? Slies! 😞😞😞


  6. Princegent says:

    Choi!!!! Ehnehn!!! God don catch una..m.ty!!! Ola!!! Proto!!!! Dan!!!! Well done….. thumbs up…Slies of lyf


  7. Justice Richard Ashton says:

    happy birthday major!! sorry its late!!! wish you a long life and prosperity.. hip! hip!! hip!!! Hurray.. more grease to your elbows man….


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