Finally, your exams are around the corner. In fact, just a week away! From what I’ve gathered from interactions with most of you, some are prepared, some are scared, some are confused, some don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, it’s very familiar to us, past Diploma / foundation students. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to compile these advice from successful past Foundation students to motivate you, mentor you and direct you, as is our goal in #Medigist. Believe me, after reading these short tips from the couple (over 20, couple?) of students that have contributed their own say, your fears will be allayed, and you’ll know what to do. Read on and excel!



Sydney– Read, with direction (notes and Past Questions). Reading without direction will take you nowhere. Make reading and prayer an obsession!

Ksee  Enogwe– Drink milk and sleep, as Chendo will say…lol, Read of course!

Ahmed ( medicine course rep of previous set)- After studying intensely, you should get some rest before exams. Above all, seek God’s help.

Kcee Chima– Pray, make the best use of every time you have, and focus!

Onyeodi Ifeanyi– Read as if everything depends on you and pray as if it all depends on God…(An adaptation of Read as if you’ve not prayed and pray as if you’ve not read)

John O- “Em,  Read hard and pray. Don’t overwork yourself though. You’d need the energy to write the exam.”

Anthony Kaife– My advice is consistency. Be consistent in your studies. (Standard Medical School advice; find a pattern that works, stick to it religiously)

Proto Gbenga- “Ehn…..read your notes and handouts mainly, practice Past Questions and few textbooks to support, rest wen u can and pray, nocturnal readers should make time out for rest (so they don’t break down!).

Henry Ufo Omamogho– For you to move mountains, you need to have faith. For faith to become dominant, you need to rise above fear. But faith without work is dead, so you need to study too.

Festus Chuks- Make sure you read your lecture notes,your lecturers will ask you what you were taught, nothing more, and pray!!!

Anuoluwapo Esther- Wish y’all luck and the best… Remember to tell God to take perfect control and he will!

Omotola Oredipe– Don’t compare yourself to other people. Just do your thing

Temmytope Oluwole– Put God first in everything you do and in every paper you’re writing, even if you have read heaven and earth. Don’t  enter the exam hall with tension or fear. Even if you have not read much,tension does not change anything.

Abdulsamad Princegent– Sacrifice all you have to sacrifice to pass the exam. Read as much as you can and avoid overnight also as much as you can. Pray to whatever you believe in. If you’re not in the hostel or somewhere around, get a place to stay at least during the exam period. Also note, diploma is not really a competition, so you should minimize slying your friends.

Zephyr – Class notes should be taken seriously, textbooks should be used for clarity, then practice past questions… At least 2 to 3 recent years… God should be utmost tho. Always be prayerful… Never let any paper weigh u down probably because you know you didn’t do well in it… Just focus on making your other papers as good as possible…Hope this helps(sure will Zed!)

Nekky– Well…you should just be determined to get what you want and work hard for it, because hard work pays alot.

Tumie Abby– Um…You should read your notes very well, and answer lots of past questions…and just pray, relax, eat well and sleep well.

Josh Idowu( Medigist co-editor, previous set Dentistry course rep)- Two things, study hard, pray hard!

Moany Wyz Faith– Read well.. Pray well…pass well

Mike Millz- F*** the world!……and read all you can (hmmm, deep).

Iwu Ifeanyi– Pray but most importantly read hard

Shully Lola – Read and understand, don’t panic! Pray for God’s help. Move with friends that can help, form study groups.


Tobi Oduba (Dentistry)- You should play your lives out
Life is too short to read throughout

Onyinye Sylverie– You should really be serious, n not read out of context. You should also try and keep off any forms of exam malpractice.

Tosin Fajana (list topper, 3rd best Overall)- Your  lecturers would have mentioned some key areas in the class So study them properly. Most lecturers bring questions from their notes so study them very hard,  past questions do help a lot, pray and focus on God for wisdom and help

Chuks Drake– “Read ur notes and handouts, practice PQ and rest wen u can and pray. Evrythin shld be done in moderatn by d way” (2nd Best Boy in First semester)

Dwayne– Pray!!!…..and always believe you’ll succeed….provided that you’ve studied hard enough
You should read and pray

Victor Onowori(class nerd)- always sit @ d back seat

Larry Swags- What’s up guys? I really know what y’all are going through right now. Diploma can be stressful, tiring, exposing, interesting…even emotional, heartbreaking n phew!. But what determines your stay in UNILAG is the exam; that’s what you’ve been waiting for n the time is nigh. So here’s a tip: Don’t be so scared, don’t stress yourself too much, have little fun, read mostly the lecturer’s note n depend solely on God.
Its LarryHBK; good luck n READ FOR PRIDE!!! (That’s my man!!!)

Sage Kakashi Momoh– Well, 2 weeks is enough to revise well…if you’ve not been reading since now is the time to read like mad. If you’ve been reading since, some relaxed revision will go a long way. I assume most of you have been reading from day one so relaxed revision is the way forward (emphasis on relaxed).
 Leave no loose ends, no room for regrets, make sure you cover everything there is to cover.  Leave nothing to chance and the least you can get is a good result.
(I second The Sage, we worked together and this was our scope. Believe me when I say we did better than our imaginations sef)

I Clemency( Cheif Editor, Medigist)-Well, they’ve said it all, and very well too. I’m re-tweeting the last paragraph of The Sage’s advice above, because that’s what he told me then and that’s how I got my almost five point. Like most of you, I was scared, but with that advice and prayer sessions with my Christian brother Ksee, I saw the light, and a good GP. (3rd Best Boy in First Semester)
I don’t believe in luck, so I’m asking for God’s favour upon you.
I advice you, from now till your exams, take every tutorial questions quite serious. For CHM, the questions are your class works and assignments. BIY, it’s your note especially, and open your eyes! šŸ‘€
Tutorials, textbooks, etc, it all boils down to the notes and what lecturers taught you.
Advice, motivation, prayer, it all boils down to you, so play your part well. Remove fear, believe in God, work hard, make use of everything at your disposal, and as The Sage said, the least you’ll get is a good result!

You’ve heard it, from the horses’ mouth! Special thanks to the students who have painstakingly contributed. Appreciate them by commenting below. Also inquire about anything bothering you and we’ll reply ASAP!
Past students? Add your own tips by commenting below.

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  1. the major says:

    Sage kakashi good advise…mr wise man,wen u enjoy ursef finish durin diploma..LOOL


    1. No mind am… Ugo drop your own advice joh! How you manage top pharmacy list?


  2. Carol says:

    Thanks a lot guys!..

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    1. You’re welcome, all the best! Check your email for the questions.


  3. … Trusting God and believing in your self will not make the mountain smaller but it will make the climbing easier. Go ahead and climb your mountains and emerge as a winner… Goodluck in your exams


  4. Chioma says:

    Thanks a lot guys. U guys are awesome soon it would be me giving the incoming diploma students advice.


  5. Tee says:

    Thanks for the tips guys. I’d like to get the questions in my email. Thank you.


  6. Siva sai says:

    I feared for exam


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