I know many of you are tired of sitting at home and would like to resume at The College Of Medicine, University Of Lagos, CMUL Idi-Araba ASAP. Don’t worry, you’d do so very soon as you’d find out after reading this. Now, you’re itching for the latest information about hostel, resumption, course registration and other such things.

Alright, we’ll bring you up to speed with the latest information, Read on

⭐ Current Year Two MBBS and BDS exams: The current pre-clinicals students (our seniors) are to begin their exams on the 7th of April. It was formerly slated to begin today but was postponed to the current date. The exams should last anything between one to three weeks and after that… So MBBS and BDS, get ready!

⭐Paramedics Resumption: Paramedics -pharmacy, physiology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, nursing, radiography etc- in other levels apart from Year Two have resumed already and the struggle has already begun. In fact, I met a friend in pharmacy year 3 heading to the library at Akoka last Wednesday to hibernate. (Jackie Chan)
The incoming year 2 students are meant to have resumed but we have nothing serious has started. It’s likely lectures would start this week, all the best!

⭐Incoming Year Two UME Students’ Results: Yes o! The UME students have started seeing their second semester results and from the few I’ve skempt, it looks better than the previous one. Congrats to those who have seen theirs, we wish those yet to, the very best!

Hostel!: Yeah Hostel! The one most of us are waiting for. Lemme confess, most of us, no be resumption dey do us, na to comot from house, so na hostel sure pass. Well, some students got temporary spaces. Possibly the spaces that were vacated by the final year students. The students wrote their names down with the Students’ Affairs Office and were interviewed especially about their home address.
Well, those of us who unfortunately went the next day were turned down, but I was assured personally that the hostels proper would be ready soon. I asked “how soon?” and got “very SOON”. So we’re waiting.
However, especially for the paramedics, I’d advise if you resume properly and you are having trouble coping from home, visit the Student Affairs office ASAP for a temporary something.

Tutorials: After the SPAN (Physiology) Tutorial, which was very helpful, we were promised by AMSUL (Association Of Medical Students University Of Lagos) and ULADS (University Of Lagos Association Of Dental Students)  that they would put up something. Well, we’re still waiting. Last we learned, some weeks ago, they are still trying to get a hall big enough for all of us.
Meanwhile, Department of Radiography have been running a tutorial program which I’ve never attended so know nothing about. You can like to gist me if you have. Just comment after this post.

**Other Updates: Diploma Students to start exams April 7th, all the best!

Year one UME students resume lectures, all the best!

⭐Em… Cracking my brain to remember more… Meanwhile, if you have more gists or info about resumption, registration or accomodation in College of Medicine, CMUL, Idi-Araba, please comment below, let’s help each other.

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Yours ever, !€|ëµëñ©ÿ

Picture below by @Dwayne3d ft. @clemency_green @mike_millz and Baydee L-R


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  1. Are you AN INCOMING Idi-Arabite, please comment let’s get to know each other and update ourselves.

    I’m Clemency, Medicine, from Diploma

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    1. lawal says:

      Pls does it posible 2 cross 4rm radiography 2 medicine in unilag on ur way 2 200lv with gud cgpa 4rm radiography.?


      1. This is a question commonly encountered. It should be possible but very improbable due to some factors like competition, lack of space, departmental and admin hustles so don’t bank on it.


    2. Isaac says:

      Hi am currently in the second semester of my first year in unilag about to gain admision into the college but i have a worry we were addressed by the sub dean that to qualify how GPs will be arranged from top to bottom and the top number will be chosen which brings me to my question how many students are admitted maximum into the college for MEDICINE AND SURGERY?


      1. The number varies every year. My set is the smallest so far, had more DE than UME candidates. My advice? Do your best, if it’s only one person that will cross, work to be that person


        1. Aladejayan Isaac says:

          Yh How many were you guys The Medigist Journal <> wrote:

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          a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }

          /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */

          Clemency Green commented: “The number varies every year. My set is the smallest so far, had more DE than UME candidates. My advice? Do your best, if it’s only one person that will cross, work to be that person “


  2. salt says:

    I am tired of staying at home. But at the same time I dread resuming cos of ‘All the heavy workload, short/no holiday and stuff’. …
    Sometimes I wished I could gain a degree and enjoy all the fun at school from d comfort of my home. I wish!

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    1. As if I don’t wish it too. Yh, yh, school is stressful, the workload and all, but for guys especially, it’s more fun. You get to hang out with guys and girls (especially) more often than at home. And you’re free and the allowee is a steady.

      As for the stress, well, side effects.


  3. John says:

    Thanks for the info. Been a while. Hope we resume soon!

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    1. Been more than a while bro, been almost a year. Some of us have forgotten how to read!😌


      1. azeez turage taiwo says:

        can we talk better on watsapp? Pls folo me on dis no 07068327370. Pls i need ur help in my lif


  4. Princegent says:

    Tank God ve got a partner up dere….also ve dat same feeling….. buh i jez gotta fnk of interesting skul activities nd regard d stress nd workload as side effects as mentioned by clem

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    1. I tell you @princegent, it works. Strike a balance between work and play and voila! School is fun, just play when the work starts becoming too much and work when the play becomes too much.


  5. festus chuks says:

    I hope we resume soon. very informative post

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  6. Nasu Mulikat Anthonia says:

    Pls how can i gain admission?

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  7. Nasu Mulikat Anthonia says:

    How do i gain admission into d school.

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    1. Well, Tonia, admission into MEDILAG is too way. First get into UNILAG, then pass your First year to get into MEDILAG. They’re many courses, both medical and paramedical to choose from. This is not the right context /category to discuss that anyway, so go to this section for more useful info>>>

      If you’re not satisfied, drop a comment and we’ll put up something just for you (we’re nice like that 😉). All the best!


  8. adora says:

    Hi clement m a pharmacy std ,m tired of waiting 4 d list 2 kum out 2 cross over 2 medilag any news abt it.


    1. lol…wait, pharmacy 200lvl?

      Choi! you re sleeping on bicycle o!


  9. Babatunde taiwo says:

    How are we going to apply 4 d hostel


  10. “May I simply say what a comfort to discover an individual who actually knows what they’re talking about on the web. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to read this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular because you certainly have the gift.”


  11. David says:

    Pls, where are DE medical students meant to pay their sch fees, is it to unilag or directly to unilag


  12. Ayobami says:

    please is current affairs inclusive in UNILAG post utme. ayobami…unilag aspirant…


  13. Zainab says:

    Pls does medilag accept a second class lower from anatomy for DE


  14. hello! feels good to drop a comment. Actually am a DE applicant at cmul. I’m so curious about a lot of things….


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