Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards 2014 Holds Today At Eko Hotel And Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards 2014 would be holding tonight in Lagos. The award is an initiative put together to recognize great outstanding healthcare organizations.

As it reads on the front page of their website , “The reputation of healthcare organisations is critical in influencing patients seeking services
. For health care organisations of the 21st century A GOOD REPUTATION IS IMPERATIVE.”

Hence, the organizers have gone ahead to create a reward system that will bring to the fore accountability, disclosure, responsibility, transparency and a performance orientation in the nation’s health care space.

According to IFC “the consequences of poor standards can be disastrous”. Stories of unethical business practices are increasingly common in the news media and have resulted in the demise of individuals and whole healthcare organizations.

The nomination process for this year’s award ended on the 5th of this month. Various organizations were nominated in various categories, and the full list of nominees can be viewed on their website.

award is usually conferred on successful awardees at a grand event annually. This year’s event holds tonight, the 21st of March and the venue is Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. A list of past winners can be viewed at We’d be posting an update of this year’s winners and this year’s award event after the show.

The award is mediated by a screening committee, led by an expert panelist.

Organizations are invited to show off their creativity, innovation, impact and contribution in the Nigerian health sector. Nominations can be made by follow this link (We wouldn’t mind you nominating us shaaaa😉, in case you see a category we fit in).

We at TEAM_MEDIGIST salute the organizers for this initiative. This is a giant stride towards improving the health care system in Nigeria and we, the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, in the embryo are totally in sync with it.

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What do you think of this initiative? Drop your comments below.


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  1. Dr.Adesida Adeniyi says:

    Please get in contact with me i have a proposal that targets a group of medical proffessionals


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