Happy Birthday Dan San

This is to wish one of us (Team Medigist) a happy birthday as he clocks a year older today. Happy birthday. Dan San aka. Dan Bance, long life and prosperity, may you never be lost in the dark, literally, and may everything good come your way. May you excel in your medical career and serve humanity to the best of your ability.

Dan San, says, about himself, “Emm..
I’m a qentle quy (dnt mind anybody dat says I’m nt…..lol)
Nd I Lyk video qame….PES especiallyπŸ˜ƒ… And riddles too”. He’s actually Medigist Best Riddle Master

Alright, that’s from the Editorial, resta y’all, drop your own wishes
in the comment box below… Show some love to the Dark (K)night


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  1. Ask a medico about himself and he tells you how very playful, naughty, funny, and everything he is. What he will not tell you is how smart he is. Gbagbe Dark Knight, you be scholar, why you no tell us that one?


  2. Joshua says:

    Happy Birthday Daniellll!1

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  3. Princegent Adebiso says:

    GGMUB bro…..@ admin tru talk oooo… buh i fnk medicoz re too playful dat dey 4get to say aw smart dey re

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    1. @Princegent hmmmm you could be right you know. Never looked at it from that POV


  4. dansan says:

    Loooool…………Thanks Clem…..thanks quyz
    I appreciate dis

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    1. @Dan Thank God, as we can’t buy you Range Rover, we do what we can….lolz


  5. Princegent says:

    Anytym bro….sha kip ma cake


  6. ola says:

    wishing dansama a happy birthday, more prosperous years ahead and success in many endeavours. stay blessed bro.


  7. the major says:

    Lool…nice one…dansan all d way

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  8. Princegent says:

    Lyk seriously @ major


    1. @Princegent typically Major, majorly Major


  9. Proto G says:

    Hapi bday Dan……wishing u more successful years ahead.

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  10. Dr Tayo says:

    Happy buffday man..wishing u long life and prosperity and may God fill your heart with happiness…..its your boy Ty……………….. ………..i hope am d last person to sed u a wish……y una compare d guy to bance naaa…lmao

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  11. K@K@$#Β‘ says:

    hbd danshirama sennin…ma nakama frm konoha…llnp ggmub…long live d riddlekage…ginja πŸ˜€

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    1. πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜“πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯😨😩😰☹😳😡 wharris this? @kakashi?


  12. Princegent says:

    Luks lyk incantation @ clemency…..

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  13. Princegent says:

    Looool…..sounds lyk incantation @ clem..

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    1. @Princegent sounds worse, it’s like Morse code


  14. dansan says:

    Lolz….Kakashi senpai…..I feel u jor

    Ty, ola, Proto……thanks a lot…una head dey dere

    @major, no wori…wen I see u, ah qo buy bobo for u

    @Clem, wuld still prefer dat ranqe rover sha


    1. Princegent says:

      Oleh!!! B lukin 4 range dere

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      1. Leave am, I just dey πŸ‘€ look am @Princegent


    2. Range Rover, you no like Volvo?


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