COMBATING CANCER; Meaning, facts, types, risk factors, problems, challenges and their solutions




Cancer is one of the Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which unceasingly claims the life of tens of Millions of people each year. After Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVDs), which is the deadliest of the NCDs claiming 17 million lives yearly, Cancer ranks 2nd which has caused about 8.6 Million deaths in 2012 and the mortality rate keeps increasing yearly.

One defining feature of cancer is the rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their usual boundaries, and which can then invade adjoining parts of the body and spread to other organs. This process is referred to as metastasis. Metastases are the major cause of death from cancer.


In this write up, we’d be looking at some surprising facts about cancer, the types, causes, predisposing factors, problems and challenges in combating cancer and their solutions.


• Cancer is not infectious or contagious but may be caused by genetic makeup or lifestyle factors such as smoking, frequent exposure to carcinogens, e.t.c

• 30% of cancer could be prevented if government took adequate actions, such as introducing and enforcing anti-tobacco controls, promoting healthier diets, encouraging people to take more exercise and improving access to essential healthcare.

• Cancer can only be TREATED, and up till now there’s no proven CURE for the disease except when it is discovered at the early stage so that the initial tumor can be removed surgically. It can however be treated with Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy.

• Everybody has the potential of being a cancer patient. All it takes is an accident during cell reproduction.

• Scientists, thus far, have stated that there can’t be cure for cancer.

• Liver has the highest mortality rate in Nigeria and it is not in the ranking of the top 5 most common cancer in Nigeria.


• Breast cancer
• Cervical Cancer
• Prostrate Cancer
• Colorectal Cancer
• Non Hodgkin Lymphoma (Cancer of the lymph nodes)


All right, we have started discussions on cancer in our previous post, we have seen the meaning, facts, types causes, and more of cancer. In this concluding part, we’re be looking at the factors that predisposes individuals to cancer, coming nearer home, we’ll be looking at the problems the fight against cancer in the country is facing, and the solution to such challenges. We know that after this series, you’d be better informed and help you, your friends and loved ones to stop the scourge of cancer. Read on




Up till today, there has been no concrete cause of cancer. Scientists hypothesized that accidents which occur during mitotic cell division makes such cell cancerous. But it is believed that some factors (carcinogens which are listed below) increase the chances of making cells cancerous:

SMOKING: This is the prominent cause of Lung cancer on planet Earth. Smoking also cause many other types of cancer apart from Lung cancer, such as cancers of the throat, mouth, nasal cavity, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix, most people knowing this fact and still go about puffing cigarettes and tobacco. Smoking not only cause cancers, it also increases the risk of heart attack, and brain damage (see our article in Health Tips on Brain Damage >>>

LONG TERM RADIATION EXPOSURE: Exposure to ionizing and some non-ionizing radiations have been described as a possible carcinogen especially for Leukemia. Examples of such radiations are X – Rays, Gamma Rays, UV rays, Radio frequency (from Mobile phones- though very recent studies disprove this- electric power transmission) e.t.c

UNBALANCED DIET: Diet is defined as the controlled intake of food. If the fat content in a diet is high, a condition known as obesity arises which increases the affinity for cancer especially ovarian cancer in females.

HIGH SEASONING INTAKE: High intake of seasoning especially those found in noodles contains Monosodium Glumate (MSG) which is a known carcinogen.

MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS: Females with multiple sex partners have a greater potential of meeting the underlying cause of cervical cancer which is the Human Papilloma Virus HPV. HPV is a contagious virus, and skin contact during sexual intercourse can rarely be avoided even with the use of condoms.

NONCHALANT ATTITUDE: Do you know that laziness is a cancer trigger? Have you ever neglected washing one day and decided to wear an underwear twice, thinking it really has no effect? Do you know taking personal hygiene for granted can be an initiator of cancer?
 In our everyday struggle, we sometimes take personal hygiene for granted. Some cancers arise from the lack of personal hygiene e.g breast cancer, prostrate cancer, cervical cancer e.t.c


Some Challenges Involved In cancer

• Inaccurate statistics of cancer patients
• Few institutes for cancer research
• Poor funding of cancer registries and lack of cancer research institutes by government
• Traditional residents refusing to seek modern Medical solutions
◾Mostly, the lack of information among citizens. Most people have little or no information about current health issues which is very bad. The health education system in these parts of the world is very poor hence the reason why we still struggle with ailments like Malaria long eradicated in other parts. But with online journals like Medigist and many others coming up as well radio and TV programs concentrated on health issues, we’re on the path to proper public sensitization.

Some solutions to the Current Cancer Problems
• More Institutions should be created by government with necessary infrastructure to carry out research
• Funding of the education sector to produce determined professional oncologists.
• More dedication by experienced oncologists.
• Though improvements have been made, more awareness should be made to the public. Knowledge empowers, information goes a long way in tackling health issues.
• Slight changes in the size of any body part should reported to the doctor.

With the discussion thus far, it can be seen that cancer is a menacing and monstrous disease. Though scientists claim there is no cure, everyone generally especially the doctors in the embryo(we) shouldn’t relent on efforts to find a solution to the disease. Cancer as of now is still and medical mystery and with all hands on deck we all can help solve the mystery.

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Abubakar Ahmed O. & Adebisi Abdulsamad O.


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Did you learn something from this post? Please let us know to appreciate the contributors, Drop your comments below.

Any questions, inquiries, anything to add or correct? Please drop your comments and check back for replies.

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