Picture LASUCOM!!!

From Childhood, I’ve been visiting The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital LASUTH, Ikeja, popularly known as General Hospital Ikeja. Since I started using my glasses, I’ve gotten all my prescriptions in their eye clinic and I have more doctors as friends in LASUTH than in my own school LUTH.

Despite my familiarity with the hospital, the college located behind the hospital
(in fact, just behind the eye clinic where I’m a regular visitor) never came to my notice. It’s very difficult for someone visiting the hospital to notice that it co-exists with another world of beauty, magnificence, and the struggle for a medical degree. I had stumbled into their hostel once when I was hungry and couldn’t locate the hospital canteen. I searched for food everywhere until I finally found some (quite expensive) in an exquisite cafeteria better suited to a five star hotel. A mild drama ensued when I was mistaken for a houseman because of my formal dressing, and from the kerfuffle I managed to gather that I had just dined with Kings, sorry medicos.
I was too much in a hurry that day to really explore the school but I promised myself I’d be back to sight see. I got my chance sometime in September last year when my eye consultant invited me to assist the opthalmology residents with their mock exams. And I really saw to my eyes content that day (though not to my heart’s, I’ll do with another visit). I saw so much that I brought some for you to see. See and tell me if this is not the most beautiful medical school in Nigeria. 

Entrance to the LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL LASUTH, where the College of Medicine is located.
What do you have to say about the beauty of this school? Drop your comments and share with friends.
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  1. Ade says:

    That last building is very fine


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