Surviving Medical School

If you’re in medicine, you’re really in, nothing else matters but getting out, as a doctor!

To survive medical school, you’ll need to exhibit strength greater than Superman’s, and Hercules’


Medical school is tough… medical school is challenging… It’s hard surviving medical school… It’s hard to enter, even harder to come out successful… The system is gruelling, each level or stage is a hurdle that we must haul ourselves over. For we who are just starting out, we need every advice and motivation we can get.  Dr. Lomaxx Matata on Nairaland medical forum couldn’t have put it better. In this eschatological piece, Read on

As I sojourn each day in the ever demanding Nigerian medical school system, the competitive aura that characterises each major step takes one more minute of sleep from my eyes and leave me with a dense determination to forge ahead with fresh fire.

I never wanted to study medicine because of the fear of being pruned out. In fact, I had repeatedly admonished myself that I can surmount every churning out procedure ever to be invented. Years ahead of that self-inspiring thought, the reality of the system has unfolded. And the picture has never been any clearer than now.

The system has no pity. The system has no remorse for any unfortunate fellow. It speaks the language of pass or fail. To fail is human, but to pass is divine.

So each day, I live my life to acquire this supreme divinity. I pray not to be found wanting. Not to be caught without a good measure of “stuff”. And not to disappoint myself and the society. It is clearly the survival of the fittest.

Whilst we strive to survive with our enormous efforts (which the system consistently considers fragile and frail), we have a hope that one day , life would never be the same again. We see beyond the prestige and the hallowedness of being in med school. We never worry about people’s assessment of our abilities. What we are more concerned with is that fact that never shall this system find us wanting. Not now . Not ever.

If you ask me, I’ll say “deep”, wharrabout you? What do you have to say? Please drop your comments below.

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  1. A physician, who is on the selection committee for a top US medical school, provides some advice regarding desired traits sought in prospective medical school students.


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