This is to wish all medicos in faculty of science UNILAG year one UME as they take their final exams in Akoka, all students of the College Of Medicine, University of Lagos, MEDILAG, Idi Araba writing exams and in courses, all akokites, the very best and nothing less, and to share some

 Important effective exam tips.

Owk, lemme see what hints I can give you guys…em…lemme share some of my personal secrets(or maybe not)

Useful Effective Exam / Revision Tips

*Make sure you revise everything a few hours to the exam, ideally the night before. It’s wise to refresh your memory so close to D-day, and you may just stumble on something valuable you overlooked before.
*Be sure you’re prepared physically, mentally, socially and spiritually for the exam. Physically, make sure you’re well rested and healthy. Mentally, have a successful mindset, think success no matter what. Socially, make sure you’ve dealt with any issue that would distract you during the exam. Spiritually, committing everything in the hands of a Supreme Power puts paid to it, doesn’t it?
*Avoid Drugs, alcohol, stimulants and all what nots during exam periods. Many students rely on caffeine and other stimulants (Victor Einstein knows them all) to keep up late and “improve” their memories during exam periods. There’s a popular misconception that alcohol, hard drugs and other hallucinogens improve assimilation during study. Well, I don’t know how true this is, but I know you wouldn’t want an hangover or some side effects manifesting in the exam hall.
*Don’t go with an empty stomach to the exam hall. Your brain needs breakfast and you need the energy. Believe me, you won’t do well with a rumble in your stomach.
*Aite, there’re the normals; arrive your hall early, go with your own stationery, don’t cheat (or don’t get caught, the former is safer tho), blah blah blah. Consult the reverse side of your docket.
Lemme stop here so you can jack… Once again, ALL THE BEST! Jack safely, and write well.
To the year one medicos, See you guys in Idi Araba… Cheers!!!
Please pass it on to your friends writing exams. Sharing is caring!!!
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Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Hmmm, no wonder I no be 5.ter, see the tintili tips wey I fit give exam. Abeg, awon scholars,if you get other tips or advice for us, comment am abeg.


  2. (En) No wonder I'm not a five point student, look at the tiny tips I have to offer for exams. Please you scholars, if you have more tips for us, add a comment.

    N.B: This is important because most unilag students claim to have finished from BIS, hence they don't understand vernacular.


  3. Wow, Nice blog, nice tips, am a medical student, from LASUCOM though, really nice blog


  4. Scholarship Alerts, thank you very much visiting, commenting and complimenting. I'm a big fan of LASUCOM, I admire and respect the school. Their students reside close to my area and the college is just too beautiful. I'm doing a post on LASUCOM, the exemplary Medical school, please don't miss it.


  5. iroayo says:

    why did you stop blogging?


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