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medigist: everything medical!


Contact Us if;

1. You’re a current, present or past medical student in any medical school who would like to be part of #Team Medigist and contribute meaningful content to the blog. You can share the following for us to post: pictures, events, news, jokes, stories, poems, articles, health tips, inspiration message, opinion, etc. You can also ask to be an administrator on the blog.
P.s. We’ll publish your contribution with your name, short bio, picture and your personal blog address to boost traffic to your site.  Please if the content is not your original work, please reference it
properly. We do not support plagiarism!!!
2. you’re a current, past or most especially aspiring medical student and you need information on anything pertaining to medicine, admission, registration, requirements, advice, mentorship, etc. You can simply post a reply on any post.

3. Business: you have a product, website /blog, tutorial/educational service, book, health product/service etc which you’ll like to advertise to our numerous readers at the cheapest rates.
You can also contract our talented freelance writers to review your product/service on the blog.

The proceeds from advertising goes solely into running the blog and organising regular giveaways to appreciate and encourage our readers and contributors.

4. You have any other issues / problems / trouble with using this blog (e.g. posting comments and viewing from mobile device), or for further inquiry.

you can also contact us by commenting below

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