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The Google Glass
Google Glass: New technology, newer methods, safer surgery, better life!

A lot happened in the medical world over the past few days. Surgeries were performed, lives were saved, researches were carried out, new methods and techniques were discovered and implemented, new administrations were set, old issues were resolved, industrial actions were embarked on, and much more. We may not be able to give you all the gist that went on in the medical community recently yet(which we greatly regret), but for now let’s pacify you with the headlines that made the rounds in the health sections of many newspapers.

Surgeons around the world are excited with the abilities of a new device called the Google Glass. The device is a  wearable computer that resembles a pair of glasses. The device which has been utilized in two surgical procedures may be set to transform the world -of medicine, as we know it.

Dr. Selene Parehk, an orthopedic surgeon, and plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah recently wore the technological super goggle as they conducted a foot and ankle surgery and a rhinoplasty respectively.


Odd right? Confusing in fact. But, recent reports have stated that Julia Navarro, 58, a Peruvian resident in Utah, USA, has been implanted with a fertilized egg from her daughter Lorena McKinnon owing to the latter’s miscarriages. Hmmm, welcome 21st century, almost everything is possible now.

*Health workers to resume strike on Tuesday 21st January, 2014
*Doctors at the university college hospital UCH Ibadan perform successful brain surgery on woman while awake. (( Click to read this full story))
*Students of the University of Lagos College of medicine, MEDILAG, LUTH, Idi Araba prepare for second semester exams. Medical and dental students prepare for their professional exams.
*Newly admitted DIRECT ENTRY 200 LEVEL Students of MEDILAG, LUTH begin payment of school fees and final enrollment.
*Lagos Assembly debates bill to prohibit public smoking.
*Asthmas can be outgrown in children
*Recent studies shows green tea potent in dealing with blood pressure issues.
*Women more prone to arthritis -UNTH consultant surgeon
*Studies say walking responsible for fewer strokes in women.

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What do have to say about any of the gist? What is the future of medicine with such technology as the Google Glass? A mother getting pregnant for her daughter’s child, is the world still as we know it? Let us know your views, drop your comments below.

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  1. larry says:

    Google glass sha. Hope it gets to Nigeria before I qualify.


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