Title: – The Significance of Continual Medical Education

Summary: –
The Significance of Continual Medical Education to meet the learning needs of practicing physicians and the deliverance of quality patient care.
As children, you study to get good grades so you don’t get grounded at home. In senior year these grades become quite important as they decide which college you get into. You get great SAT scores and then when college begins you realize that learning is a lifelong process, especially in the field of medicine. Continuing Medical Education or CME is a requirement to professional in the medical industry to maintain their competence. This necessitates them to constantly learn about the latest developments in their areas of practice.
CME is mandatory for medical professionals in the USA to retain your medical licenses. Each state has its own CME credit requirements that need to be fulfilled by physicians. According to the guidelines, the boards require CME credits anywhere between 12 and 50 hours per year to retain medical license. The ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) as well as the AOA (American Osteopathic Association) regulate CME in the United States.

CME events are conducted through conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, presentations and other modes. The academic content for these programs are prepared by experts who are also involved in evaluating attendees taking the program. All these events concentrate on teaching physicians about new and developing concepts in their fields thereby keeping them updated with the latest skills, procedure, knowledge and technology in medicine.
On the road to professional development, CME helps physicians in attaining career growth. With more CME credits a physician becomes empowered with advanced skills and information that can help you acquire a promotion and a pay raise.
Medicine is any evolving field that is nurtured and upgraded to help treat diseases and conditions better. CME helps to keep up with the changing trends in medicine and learn everything that is published in current medical literature with relevance to your field. Just as an 18th century medical practice is not relevant to the present, what professionals study during their college and residency keeps changing through the years. As new discoveries are made to make a physician’s job easier, it is important to focus on CME.
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  1. Clemency says:

    Wish all the quacks around would read this and change their ways. Currently gathering information on CME in Nigeria. This is a very helpful post. Thanks to Dr. Vamsi Korrapati for sharing.


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