Being a course Representative in a competitive class, my experience by Joshua Idowu

Hello I am Joshua Idowu, course representative of the immediate past diploma class. This could help course reps and people holding leadership positions in different classes.

It was really scary, volunteering to lead students
in diploma when I had my academics to face, it came with fear but I heard something at the back of my mind that this should propel me to work harder! As the course rep if I fail all would know, but thankfully  God helped me.

It was really challenging waiting behind for students to sign attendance and collecting assignments. I remember some public insult from two lecturers as a course rep I sometimes felt  like I should drop the position but something in made  me continue.

I learnt that responsibility makes you helpful and pressurize you to make a meaningful impact.

I also saw that division of labour helps we were about 50-51 but I had 2 Assistants ( Chima Kelechi and Jessica Carson). Jessica helped with the attendance a lot. I learnt that sharing responsibility brings about ease.

And by God’s grace we made it!

To students with responsibilities on their necks make sure you don’t neglect your academics,

Ensure your responsibilities propels you to work hard,

Division of Labour would be helpful,

Humility and willingness to help and serve would make you important among your collegues.

Make sure your responsibilities doesn’t affect your academics and most importantly Remember God.

All the best,

Joshua Idowu.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. clemency101 says:

    No wonder you're the best rep in our set. I wasn't in your department but your exploits were so glaring that we all voted you the best. You're a born leader, it's even evident in the inspiring way you write. Keep it up man, Mighty Things!!!


  2. Joshua says:

    Thanks a lot, God bless you


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