by Clemency
Are you a foundation / UMe/ pre degree student in Unilag or any other school? Desire a good GP? Want to cross over to the next level? Quickly, here are a few things you’ll be needing to succeed.  Hope you find them helpful.

God: This comes first and goes without saying. You may have come into this program, thinking  only you, tutorials, notes, etc are what you need to succeed. Well, you’re wrong. I’m not a pastor or an evangelist, but I have common sense to know that without God, you’re going back to town. Seek God, and you’ll find him. He’ll give you that extra edge and make sure nothing goes wrong, because anything can.

Hard work: You’ll need tons of this. You have a very hectic schedule. Classes, private study, tutorials and more. This is no place for the lazy. So if you’re not up and doing, start learning to be.


Positive Attitude: Your attitude matters here a lot. Without the right attitude, you’ll fail before you fail. Have a positive attitude, no matter what. Keep believing in your self. Be confident. No matter what happens, don’t give up!!!

Avoid Distraction: BBs, smart phones, games, parties, hang outs, boyfriends, aristos, sugar daddies etc should be rested for a while. Or more conveniently reduced. I know it’s hard, but please, for the period of your program, avoid distractions!!! Except of course, you want to go back to town!

Good company: Very important. You can only succeed if you’re with the right pack; people that also want to succeed. Evil communication…you know the rest. So avoid bad company, in your class, your hostel, anywhere.

Attendance: Or better put, ATTENTION. You MUST strive to attend every single lecture. Don’t miss any class for any reason. Since attendance is not necessarily attention. You need not only to attend, but also pay attention. Lecturers give and take. They take from you in the exams what they’ve given you in class.

Notes and materials: Class notes, lecturers notes, old notes, past questions etc. You need these more than any other thing. You MUST get any material released by your lecturers, and make sure you read them. They’re what will come out in your exams, not textbooks (waste of time, sometimes). If you need these materials, notes, textbooks etc, or help with any course or topic, comment below.

Respect: Yes, many of you are too proud and disrespectful. You need to respect everybody if you want to succeed. Respect your lecturers, the lab attendants, your tutors, your seniors, the traders, your course rep, your course mates etc. If you still insist otherwise, I give you a semester. GP go tell you.

Mentors: You need mentors, people who have been through it. It’ll do you a lot of good to learn from their experience. A lot of them will come to talk to you. Please listen, and ask any question that bothers you. You’ll connect with lots via this blog . You can also contact us or leave your reply.

Accommodation: You seriously need this. Your program is a non residential one. But you’re deceiving your self if you think you’ll cope coming from home. You’ll be behind schedule a lot, and your breakdown is inevitable. Please try to move into school or around school. If you need help, contact us.

There’s still more, but let’s start with these.

Let us know: Need clearing on any issue, drop your comment below.

Coming Soon:

Notes, materials, textbooks etc that are needed in foundation, year one and year two pre clinicals coming soon. There’ll be free giveaways of these materials. Don’t miss!!! Sign up for email alerts and like our Facebook page MEDIGIST. Also follow on twitter.

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  1. clemency101 says:

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  2. Joshua says:



  3. wale says:

    its good to use your experience to encourage others…keep it up


  4. thanks @2wale and josh


  5. adebayo says:

    Good job guys but could you possibly give a list of courses offered in the first year of mbbs? I'll really appreciate it. thank you.


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