Okay, we’ve gotten acquainted. And we know why we are here. So no more ‘shere shere’ (what? You don’t play ping pong?), let’s get down to business.
Yep, first things first, congratulations!  Expect a lot of this when you resume. Every lecturer that comes to your class will first congratulate you. Every where you go for your registration and all that, you’ll be congratulated. And you deserve it! It wasn’t easy was it?

You were thousands who took the entrance exams, now you’re less than 500 admitted. Easy? This on its own should motivate you. If you could cross that hurdle, you can cross this one.


Congrats… BUT…
You’re not a bonafide. You have no matriculation number. You’re not a student of UNILAG. Your names are written in pencil. You’re still in town. You didn’t pass JAMB. JAMB doesn’t know you. Blah…. Blah…. Blah

Yes, after they congratulate you, expect a ‘But’ and one of those clauses will follow.

Everybody will be quick to point out that you’ve not been matriculated yet, and until you’re successful, anything can happen.

You’ll be treated throughout the program as second rate to the UME students. This is despite your school fees being more than 7 times theirs and your class (they don’t have a class by the way, na anywhere bele see) is a heaven to them.

You’ll be stigmatized by the foolish ones among your UME counterparts. The wise ones know there’s no difference. Please get along with your  UME counterparts very well. You need each other a lot!

But you have to make the higher-than-thou ones among them eat humble pie. In my set, that’s what we did. We passed our exams so well that it was hard for them to decide our cut off.

Today, we’re BONAFIDE 200 level while (no thanks to ASUU) they still have one river to cross. We’re praying for them though.   So work and strive to show your UME mates that the difference between you and them is that you’re better.

For many of you, this is your first time in a university. This is your first time in a program like this. This is your first time in a class this big.

Many things will appear strange to you. Your classmates, your lecturers, your class, your timetable, your seating, the system. Adapt as soon as possible. Get used to everything quickly.

You have a class that seats over a thousand. Your have classmates from everywhere with every kind of character and intelligence. You have a timetable that will drain you out. You have a seating arrangement that favours only the extremely slim, like me.  You have a system that’s different from your secondary schools’, complex and complicating.

However, you have no problem. Know what is at hand and adapt.

Also you’ll see a lot of things when you first resume. Wonderful things, marvelous things…funny things. You’ll see different types of dressing from your lecturers and your friends. Some lecturers with their baggy shirts and jumpey trousers, infact, IT’S A ONE WORD. You’ll see.

Then the corporate beggars. You’ll hear incredulous things. Things like “Please help, I’m stranded and need #5000 to get to Yaba!”, “I’m an orphan and my mother is lying sick in the hospital”, “I graduated from OAU with a first class, please help me with money for my university education”, and other ridiculous paradoxes.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be charitable, but you have a head, use it!!! You have money (they know how much your school fees is), and that’s why most of them come.

Then there’re the traders. There’re the ones that sell everything from notes to textbooks to lab coats to past questions to even food items (which are now banned in your class). You’ll end up buying things that are very useless to you.

It happened to us. We bought very fine slim fitted lab coats, only for us to be told that we must pay for lab coats and some other material before  we’ll be registered for the lab courses.

We bought notes that turned out to have nothing to do with our faculty or our program. Textbooks too. Most of the past questions sold by these traders turned out to be the fake one.

There’s only one person who you can trust for your notes, lecturers’ materials, past question and others. And that’s SHINA, or from your tutor. Anyone else don’t buy, except of course, you like to pay for failure.

Then there’re those who come to sell accommodation, tutorials, even boyfriends. Be careful here, don’t be scammed. If you need help in getting accommodation, CONTACT US. We’ll help you.

A lot of people will be coming to your class to inform you about the program. Fellowships, past students, concerned students, they want to help you. Please pay attention to them. Find out from them as much as you can about the program.

I really want to tell you about tutorials (which is what all of you are eager about), your lectures, lecturers, courses and more, but this post is getting too long and I’m very tired. Was in your class today and I stay veryyyyy far from Akoka. I even had a minor accident on my way home….. Thank you. I wasn’t hurt much but I need to rest.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue. So just keep the feedback coming. Ask your questions so we can answer. Remember it’s ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT UNILAG FOUNDATION PROGRAM!!!

You guys were encouraging today. Like you guys already. Hope to see you at LUTH.

Hope you’ve started reading. It’s not too early. You were taught some things today so please revise them. Congrats on your first day!!!! And yeah, happy First Monday of the year!!! Cheers!!!


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  1. Tee says:

    Thanks for the info, please post about tutorials.


  2. Great intro to the rest of the info on diploma. Bet the new entrants can't wait for the continuation….good to see your humour has gone up a notch too 😉


  3. Thanks Chelsea, looking forward to your own contributions on the program. You're one of our best students, hope they read your interview on the blog


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