All you need to know about Unilag Foundation/Diploma II Program

Over the weeks, calls have been pouring in, messages piling up on whatsapp and other social networks and we’re happy. Medigist is turning out to be a success afterall. Our mission is to become the one stop online directory for everything medical in Nigeria. Gradually, to the Glory of God, we’re getting there. All thanks to you, our indispensable readers and the number of medicos who have contributed meaningful and essential content. Gracias.

One group of correspondence kept coming in which I had to react to. I’ve been getting messages from the newly admitted UNILAG diploma (Foundation II) students, who are about resuming for lectures, asking for info about the program. The few times I’ve been at Unilag this month, I’ve been accosted by countless people, some I barely know, telling me their sibling or neighbor or friend or schoolmate or girlfriend has been admitted into Foundation program(wharris my own?😐) and they need me to put them through(as if anybody put me through😒).

I was able to quell the curiosity of many of them, but had to put this up. This is something I’ve planned on doing even before the messages started coming in. But procrastination stole my time, and I had a lot of things I was busy at, plus it takes a while to get these things going (especially now my muse is on holidays).

This article is very important to me, and you as well (if you’re a diploma student or working on becoming one soon, year one students would also find this very useful, or if you just like to read). I just very recently completed the program in medicine and was successful. So you’re hearing it loud and clear from the horses mouth. Been there, done that, yeah, as a boss 😉!

In the next few paragraphs, I’d be doing something few have done about the almighty foundation program. I’ll be demystifying it. I’ll make an attempt at de-encrypting the enigma, simplifying the complexities involved. Depending on how successful my attempt is, I’ll be doing something that I wish was done for me (maybe I’d have made a 5.0, still I thank God, I was close enough 😉).

Like one of us said during the series of INTERVIEWS OF RECENTLY SUCCESSFUL FOUNDATION STUDENTS, it’s cliched to hear “Diploma is Hard”. I’m sure the  response you got after telling X you’re a diploma student is “Ha! Diploma is hard o!”. Then they proceed to tell you of their brother, sister, cousin, aunty, uncle, neighbor, even father who failed the program. You begin to think no one ever passes it. Familiar?

Worse still, the past students never help matters. They never tell of the good side, they leave you thinking  you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. They never tell of the funny lecturers, the interesting ones, the nice endearing ones. They mislead you into believing all the lecturers are Snape-like monsters who are employed solely to ensure your failure. They never tell you of the As and Bs almost every one of them had, they only tell you of the Fs one person got.

In fact, you’re likely to get the most scary information from your predecessors. It’s as if we (yeah, I’m a predecessor now!) want to make the program seem so difficult that we deserve an extra head for passing it.

That cliché “Diploma is hard” and many other misinformed beliefs along that line may appear harmless to the people fueling it and to those hearing. However, it’s the reason many failed. When the paranoia, the initial ‘gragra’, the suicidal hustle settles, many students find themselves caught in the middle. They’ve made the school hundreds of thousand naira richer without getting anything simply because they’ve been misinformed.

From the first day of the program to the last day of the program, the only thing we all agreed upon was we’ve been lied to. Diploma is hard, true, but not as HARD as they make it. People fail it, yes, but more people are successful. So? Let’s inform you so you can plan ahead. Let’s tell you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE UNILAG FOUNDATION PROGRAM and how to succeed without growing an extra head.

That’s the reason we have conducted several INTERVIEWS OF PAST FOUNDATION STUDENTS, shared our various EXPERIENCES DURING THE FOUNDATION PROGRAM and now we’re proceeding to tell you all…

This is the first part in this series, and it’s an introduction. A sort of getting to know each other thingy. In the next installment we’ll begin to tell you the koko. The things we’ve learned from experience (some bitter). As they say, experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be yours. So watch out for the next post scheduled for tomorrow.

Meanwhile help yourself to some useful resources on the foundation program scattered around this blog, especially the interviews!

Also, we need feedback. Let’s hear from you. How do you feel about the program? What are you expecting? How are you preparing? And mostly what questions do you have about the Unilag Foundation program so we can discuss it in subsequent posts in this series. Please drop a comment below. We value your comments dearly.

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Anticipate the Next Post in The DEMYSTIFY UNILAG FOUNDATION PROGRAM series.

Have a Blessed New Year!!!

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Helpful, please post the next quick. We're resuming this week, would we have lectures this week?


  2. clemency says:

    expect the next post tonight. congrats, please resume as quickly as possible. be ready for lectures from the first hour.


  3. Anonymous says:

    what are the recommended textbooks we will need?


  4. clemency says:

    There are lots of them, go through your handbook you'll find the recommended ones. I'll discuss your textbooks extensively and how to make use of them in the subsequent posts.


  5. For Diploma students only. You can send your feedback and questions to 07011028774 (whatsapp only) and like our Facebook page to comment and be updated regularly.


  6. Tunde says:

    Guy, thanks for this.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Too many tutorials are being suggested to us..which tutorial do u think can offer the best to us??


  8. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Like I've been telling you guys, no one tutorial is the best. There are about five of them that are very good. 81 students crossed in my dept, did they all attend the same tutorial? No. Most of them are very good, it depends on what suits you. I'll be talking about tutorials in the next post. Watch out for it.


  9. zeus says:

    T.O.A tutorials and aje taiwo tutorials are on point…go for either of dem


  10. What about excellence that produced our only 5.0 and Barry that has our best student?


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