Yippeee!!! It’s another year. Year 2014! My  superstitious mind labels this year the year of luck and fortune. 14 is a lucky number. My religious mind is still looking for a label for this year… Okay, leave my minds. Why am I here?

I’d like to, on behalf of the Medigist team, me, my co-editor Joshua Idowu, and the others wish you, our beloved indispensable viewers, our sponsors, contributors, fans, all medical students and all persons who desire a healthier living a PROSPEROUS, JOYFUL And HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

Looking back, medically, year 2013 was a double sided coin. It was a year of ups and downs. The year was plagued by strikes here and there, Scandal after scandal and the incessant out cry against the dearth of the medical profession in the country. Still on the other hand, there were breakthroughs. Some successful complex organ transplants were performed among many other feats. And yeah, in 2013, we started Medigist!

By the way, Medigist is still an infant. It’s barely five months old. Surprised? Hehehe 😁. Oshey Baba God o!

Looking ahead, it is our prayer, hope and goal, that 2014 will be the best year yet for Nigerian medicine and the medical world in general. We’re hoping to see breakthroughs in the medical field, ground breaking discoveries, more diseases eradication and…progress. We’ll love to hear that there’s a cure for AIDS. We’ll love to see Malaria and others eradicated from Nigeria. We’ll love to witness better pay and working conditions for Medical practitioners. We’ll love to see more and better equipment in our teaching hospitals, better learning conditions for medical students and many more.

To our medical students especially the new ones: Aluta continua, so brace yourself. You know how we do it.

To the general public: be more conscious of your health this year. Make healthy decisions. Avoid lifestyles that could threaten your health.

To our numerous readers and contributors: A big thank you! You’ve been wonderful so far. If not for you… (shey na me and my pet lizard wan dey post and read for the blog?) You’re indispensable. Without you, we won’t be, we can’t thank you enough. We know we’ll see more of you this year. It’s part of our resolutions to empower you with more knowledge and information that will add value to your life, career, (GP), or ambitionn as the case may be.

Happy New Year! While my religious mind is waiting for the spirit, we’ll make do with The year of Good Fortune! However you label it, one thing is sure, 2014 is the best year yet!!!


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Let us know: WHAT HEALTH / LIFESTYLE / ACADEMIC (if you’re a med student) HAVE You MADE This Year? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year to You too. Keep it up!!!


  2. clemency says:

    Thank you! Remain blessed and healthy


  3. clemency says:

    My Resolutions:
    Health /lifestyle: Watch what I eat and drink. Eat healthy, drink healthy. More water drinking, especially in the morning.
    Academic: Put my best into my books this year. So help me God.


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