A Succesful Medical career with good business acumen.

A Succesful Medical career with good business acumen.

By    Iwu   Ifeanyi Olamide.

The joy we felt when we all saw our names on the admission list was magnificent, we blithely brought the list  to show our parents which in turn were happy with our achievements. The euphoria is something that would linger on in our minds. Many thoughts satiated our minds, some where to see the beautiful and eye-catching landscape the school had to offer, others were anxious to meet equally or even better intellectuals for competition sake, and a bunch of others were happy that they would see the beautiful people UNILAG had to offer.

Being admitted for a medical career was even better because of many reasons, one which was the financial reward we would get. Thoughts of having owning a functioning hospital, a delectable dental clinic, a pharmaceutical company, a high ranking laboratory and the likes exhilarated our hearts and so we fail to ask ourselves if all these are only the things we want. If a sedentary lifestyle is what we cherish. A doctor in his/her consulting room after attending to a sick patient waits for the next patient to come in, outside the door is a long queue of patients waiting to see him that could be BORING and FRUSTRATING. Having a successful medical career does not make you a successful person, you need to come out of your elements and aim for more. A mundane stressed life like that kills the entrepreneural spirit of a young practitioner. we have also heard the popular mantra ,”No food for lazy man” so we must be diligent and hardworking to have a successful business plan work out well.

There is a wide spectrum and plethora of business plans in the world today, but for this article I would outline four(4).


Agriculture is one aspect of money making that most people don’t consider possibly because of the way farmers in this clime are portrayed. The crux of the matter is that everybody needs food whether we like it or not, lets take the catfish farming as a case study with the high demand of ”point and kill ” in restaurants you could make a profit ranging from 150% – 200% in some cases and which could be a long term project for bringing money home.


There is nothing as good as a hungry man entering a restaurant and coming out with a delightful stomach and obviously looking replete, at least we all rememebered the song IYA GBASIRA by styleplus. This business looks like a trojan and a money spinning venture which when done well and with dutiful employment of trained cooks could bloom.


Truth is every one desires a good body and to become fit, we all know the consequences of being obese and overweight. Over the years this has been a neglected sector, but recently becoming a stronghold many business-oriented minds are exploring. Having a trained masseuse giving you a nice massage could relieve one from stress, and let me add we do need it.


This might require a large capital to begin with, but I tell you when you have one of this you would cherish the fact that you did. An insignia or any signature would go a long way to tell the world your name as the say ”a good name sells you ” basically the fact is that everyone would always want to get something and a well stocked-up supermarket would go a long way in helping frenzy buyers.

A quintessential man is not one who is satiated by the fact that he has a working plan but one who explores other options life has got to offer, sometimes it may feel that you are in a conundrum or in a cauldron with fire burning when your business is not growing remember that one must have mistakes in order to succeed.

The question on everyone’s mind would be does the writer have a business? well I can say that I am more or less like a seer who with everyday observation has seen our country as a place of huge and numerous opportunity to incite the growth of young and talented entrepreneurs.So dear readers pick a business plan today get out your armaments and stop being exasperated by the situation we find ourselves in, you would be glad you did.


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