Exclusive Interview of Foundation students (diploma students)

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#Series 2

Special appreciation to those interviewed in series 1 our viewers and those who commented. God bless you all.


Pius Nwagbo Pharmacy Department

·         Please Introduce Yourself-  I am Nwagbo Pius Chidera

·         Targets for the future-  To own and open a pharmaceutical company

·         Reading Strategies- I read at night seems to be the only time I can comprehend.

·         How did you handle Distractions? – I never noticed any distraction, I guess I was too busy trying to cross over.

·         Any other special thing you did to achieve success? I tried studying overnight once and that was the night before DPHS 103 Exam.

·         Advice to new “Diplomites”- Be yourself and read your books.

·         Favourite Lecturer- None they were pretty much the same to me.

·         Best Moments-  I seriously can’t remember any

·         How did you feel after seeing your result? I was glad, expected more

·         Parents Reaction? They were happy I guess

·         Advice from your parents before diploma- They Just told me to be serious, nothing else.

·         Student that looked the most threatening to you- No one. I faced my own business.

·         Academic plans?

·         Friendship and social life-  I was not really social, But I did hang out with a small group of people

·         Favourite Restaurant- King Jaja Hostel Restaurant

·         Educational History- I attended Fedral college of Education(technical) for both my nursery and primary education then I went to St. Finbarr’s college Akoka for my secondary education. 

·         General Remarks including how the Interview would contribute to others- I think tjis interview is a good way of communicating with people but don’t  take my word for it.

·         How do you plan to contribute to your profession? I don’t know yet, I will have to find something new to contribute.



Mayowa Oduntan . Physiotherapy Department.   
      *   Please Introduce Yourself – Hey there am Mayowa Oduntan a.k.a Mayor C Crowns, Son of the King, big fan of food, sleep games, Jesus culture, Casting crowns and a Physical therapist in the making.
      * Targets for the future- I seek to be a great physical therapist having various rehabilitation centres and clinics of mine, a minor in biochem and earn the title of a chess DM
      * Reading Strategies- I read when am strengthened to overcome distractions which is very frequently. When it feels necessary and when am in the mood.
      *How did you handle Distractions?- They are  inevitable but one just needs discipline, yeah I fell for some of those and it will help me avoid this in the future. It is wiser to learn from others mistakes; Afterall I am more than a conqueror through him that loves me
      *Advice to new “Diplomites”-  Just let God have his way he will give us rest, we that are laboured and heavily burdened. Just put him first, obey him and every other thing would fall in place . It is not about reading, you can read for days with sleepless nights with nothing to show for it when you are reading in the wrong direction, wrong way, wrong reason, wrong direction,  wrong attitude, but prayers does the trick, just do your best, give him your alland let him do his part, and you surely would be victorious.
       *Favourite Lecturer- the Muslim zoology lecturer Mr Fuad, and I think of course Dr Okanlawon
·         Best Moments- Most days in school was good enough but mainly when I completed my DPHS 103 Exam and saw my second semester result.
·         How did you feel after seeing your result?  I wouldn’t say I was surprised, I figured the errs I made in first semester and made corrections  against second semester even before exam started I knew I would make it, I was ready  academically, physically, mentally and spiritually. When I saw it I was grateful. I asked, obeyed and delivered.
·         Parents Reaction?  They were pretty happy.
·         Advice from your parents before diploma- They didn’t need to tell me much, they knew I knew what to do. 
·         What you could have done to achieve a perfect score-  I never genuinely aimed at 5.0 but what I would have done was to help others more especially sharing rare materials.

Festus on  the right
      *Please  Introduced yourself-  My Names are Edobor Festus Chuks.
       * What are some of your other landmark achievements – I guess my WAEC result was a landmark achievement for me
* Targets for the future- To own a hospital and save lives.
* Aim at Idiaraba- My aim at Idiaraba is to be a top student and graduate well.
* Reading Strategy- I don’t really have a reading strategy, I just try to read as much as I can.
* How did you handle distractions- I don’t think there was really any distraction. 
Any other special thing you did to achieve success- Yea my friends really helped me.
·         Advice to new diplomites- They should be focused and they should also believe they can make it.
·         Best Lecturer- Mr Khalid was my favourite lecturer.
·         Best Moments- The last exam I wrote was the best moment and also my first day in class.
·         How did you feel after seeing your result?  I was very happy.
·         Parents Reaction? My Parents were very happy
·         Advice from your parents before diploma- I should believe in myself and trust in God.
·         Student that looked the most threatening to you-  No student looked threatening to me.
·         Academic plans?  I plan on graduating as a top medical syudent and also specialize in a particular field.
·         Friendship and social life- My friends were few and I spent a lot of time with them.
·         Favourite Restaurant-  My Favourite restaurant was A and P located in King Jaja Hostel Restaurants
·         Educational History-  I attended Father Abraham secondary school located in Ebute metta, then I went to western college Yaba for my secondary education, now am right here in UNILAG for my university education.
·         General Remarks including how the Interview would contribute to others- I hope it inspires the new diploma student
·         How do you plan to contribute to your profession? I plan to contribute to my profession by helping the sick and saving lives.
·         Best Diploma Moment- Foundation student fellowship really inspired me.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great, wow! Haven't seen anything like this before. I love your blog.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the Mayor guy. His interview is inspiring.

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