faculty of science annex photo: @Clemency_green


From Amoebas and chloroplasts
To nucleated erythroblasts.
I always linked old ships with masts,
Mast cells have made me recast.
Rulers, rockets, rheostats,
Thank God that’s all in the past.
I would yawn as time strolled past,
Now it’s running very fast.
Have you seen my day’s forecast?
Class to class, then back to class.
My class cannot be outclassed:
From the first guy to the last
Bureaucrats and Diplomats,
Quintessential Plutocrats
Geeks & Wizards, Fat & Phat
Geese & Gizzards, ratty Brats.
Pastors, Members, Counterparts,
Photostatting copycats.
Then, when results are broadcast,
Mehn, come and see acrobats.
‘Cos no feeling can outlast
Your joy, knowing you have passed.
So much joy, but in contrast
Many skies are overcast,
For among the enthusiasts
There are those who haven’t passed.
I once thought all docs had hearts,
But now I am very smart.
And it goes far beyond that:
My brain has been torn apart.
Renin? Rennin? This or that?
Who knows glucose glucostat?
ALT ain’t alternate.
CAT is not after a rat.
FISH is not part of breakfast,
PDA is in the heart.
Hippocrates where you at?
We need to have some chitchat.
‘Cos in that oath that we chant
Some lines are irrelevant;
You should see machines we gat
They are more than works of art.
First the kidneys, then the heart,
Now it’s bone marrow transplant.
I was a genius, so brilliant,
Now I look so ignorant.
Surgery was done by humans,
Now robots have other plans.
The future is so pregnant,
Time is never hesitant.
Soon the scalpel will depart,
Stitches insignificant,
Foetuses will choose their looks,
We’ll do surgery on Facebook 
by ZAzU
*Special thanks to him for letting us use his beautiful poem.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dansan says:

    Nice Poem Man!!!Keep it up


  2. clemency says:

    Thank you. This poem was written by and belongs to Zazu,a fellow doctor poet. Visit his blog @


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