FIRST YEAR ADVICE by Arinze Aristotle

Arinze “Aristotle” is one medical student you nwebies should pray and strive to be like, or better than. Arinze, who also happens to be a poet and writer, like me(we also attended the same secondary school, yeah I’m famzing), is currently the student leading the pack among his first year mates. He has this advice for the new medical students, please take it VERY SERIOUSLY, you’re lucky to get it for free after much persuasion.


Life is a process, school is too. Yes, we rode through primary & secondary stages, and seeking admission might have lasted for a year or for ages… But we’re here now! Here in UNILAG, the school of 1st choice and the nation’s pride, and as medical students!… So, congrats.
I may not know you, but I know these few things about you:
1) You are a unilag pre-med student. (even without matric number)
2)  You’ve said to urself a million times UNILAG, here I come” (i hope say unilag no go fall ur hand sha)
3) you’re reading this article and smiling now. (if you wan bone instead, na you sabi)
4) you’re excited to be here (90% of dat will enter voice mail after 1 semester)
5) You are either scared or over confident.

As for 4), here are a few ‘palava’ that will cause that excitement to dwindle:
– the 1st 2 or 3 weeks of resumption will be lectureless
– even when lectures begin, you’ll be over crowded.
– not err’one will be smiling with their result after 1st semester.
Yes, i’m a prophet, and I have prophesied!
As for no 5),  for those that are scared, don’t worry, school is easier and sweeter than you think if u FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. 
As for the over confident, ‘na 1 semester I give you, you go find ur level’.
Unilag’s movie is as sweet as ‘yori yori’ yet as tough as ‘e no easy eh!’.. So, grab ur copy…ehm, not now, but after ur matric!
For, this semester, you’ll be doing science courses like maths, chemistry, zoology etc
Remember, ‘no be who know book dey pass, na who get sense’, so be wise!
Thank you… Oya, clap for me!


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  1. Izu says:

    lol. Thanks sha. I’m excited n hope to be always optimistic no matter what comes up(hopefully ofc)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Izu, you Gerrit, be optimistic always! I’m sure you’ll do well, we’re here to help you with that.


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