What psquare should have sung.
when you see your results and…\></
That exceptionally boring class like Grandpa’s and Amaeshi
And when all your friends have slied you… You ask….Why Evuls?
seriously, how else do we get serious? You can ask Big boss @Kong10D
SMH for this guy tho.
Even at night, we still push it. MBBs by force.

And we can play….
…..And play
…..And still play
….until person shame for you.
what i call rapt attention
…Somethings make us shout for joy!
sometimes you have to climb up to sound it.
And we’re sexy too….atleast our backs are. P.S I AM NOT IN THIS PHOTO.
this guy thinks he’s in the theatre. Bro, my camera has a flash
And if you don’t know O3 cinema, this is it, a branch in Marere hall.
As they say, man must wack!!!
Pink lips that’ll make Whizkid jealous, still S-ing M H for this guy.
And when sleep calls, sometimes we answer it in pairs, I bet it was a Physics class.
Who be this one? Looks like the NUASA president
This guy hates publicity, well, he saved us the trouble of seeing another ugly face.
 They say medical school is boring, guess they haven’t pictured it yet. Med school is fun!!!
To be continued…..
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  1. LarryHBK says:

    God! and na my picture full pass 4 here


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