So you’re a medico in Idi-Araba and wanna catch some fun with your *****, these places can help. At your own risk tho


In a school that literally never sleeps, it’s hard for lovers to get some privacy to do ‘what lovers do’ but believe it or not as impossible as it may sound, whether noon or night, couples in Medilag have come up with exclusive lovers’ spots, where they brazenly carry out ‘acts’ of love. Writers club put nose to ground and sniffed out some of the secret places couples go to be alone. Well guess after this, it would no longer be a secret, Sorry guys…

10 Labour Ward Medical Students’ Call Room: We are starting with this place because the school now also knows the alternate use to which the call room is put thanks to some couples who forgot to pack all their bag and baggage and left behind a used contraceptive for one of the cleaning ladies to discover. Now, you also know why for some time medical students that were not on call couldn’t get in to the labour ward.

9 College Library: the library all over the world has always been a romantic haven for couples who like to live on the fast lane; well Medilag is not an exception! Lovers that can’t wait for the covers of darkness, hide under the covers of bookshelves. Yes, they are responsible for the creaking noise you hear while you are trying to read!
8 Stairs Of Old Great Hall: If you have ever wondered what the first floor of the Old Great Hall is used for, the couples of Medilag have the answer. Anytime between the hours of 10:00pm and 2:00am, if you climb this staircase, you run the risk of running into half naked people swapping saliva.
7 Former Football Field: the football field closure was an all round tragedy, both for sportsmen and Medilag couples. Where else could you go to make out, look at stars and feel the grass scratch your back and yeah of course, play football?
6 Anatomy Lab Car Park: reserved exclusively for couples with cars. Yep! Your guess is as good as mine; all the cars parked outside don’t belong to the anatomy staff. They don’t stay up that late…
5 London Bridge: what is the London Bridge? Well, the London Bridge gets girls into boys’ hostel after visiting hours and also houses couples who don’t mind a little P.D.A. Where is the London Bridge? Well there are 3 of them and they run between blocks 1 and 2.
4 S.O.N. Field: popularly known as the most blessed ground on the premises of Medilag going by the number of prayers that go on there daily. Well, unknown to many, as the prayer warriors pray fervently, the lovers are committing all the atrocities that are forbidden by God right on the same field!
3 Hall 36 Car Park: ever heard of a drive in cinema? Well, Hall 36 is Medilag’s equivalent of that except that there is no projector, no screen and no movie but wound up cars, hugging, kissing and well.. you get the picture!
2 New Great Hall Staircase: it’s convenient, why? It’s close to cold room, so when a boy is tired of reading all those medical jargons and needs a break, he grabs his girl and heads up the new great hall staircase and they are entertained by the music from the fellowship going on downstairs.
1 Luth Cafeteria: might not be the first place that comes to mind when you are hungry but it is definitely on a lot of text messages if you know what I mean. The maze like verandah keeps inquisitive security men away, while the tall flowers keeps off curious eyes. Recently, a couple was found frolicking on a carton on the verandahs of Luth Cafeteria and it made good talk between security guards but it also shed light on what is Medilag’s best kept secret when it comes to romance…the Luth Cafeteria!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some dudes're gonna be after you soon, lol…The wise ones'll just figure out new hideouts


  2. Anonymous says:

    What wld it cost u to take ur girl to an hotel instead of risking being caught? Abegi!!!


  3. clemency says:

    If they come after me, I'd redirect them to the source. Figure out new hideouts shey? Hopefully we'd also get to know about it. Thanks for commenting. Please drop in again.


  4. muse says:

    Hotel keh? Na you get the time and money abi? This is cheaper and more convenient. You won't get caught if you're smart.


  5. Shey? Hotel when all these places abound?


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