Ag. Head  –  Dr. F.I. Duru  M.B., B.S., M. Sc.

The Department of Anatomy  teaches gross, neuro-living developmental and micro anatomy through lectures, practical, demonstrations and seminars. Emphasis is placed at all times in clinical significance of the structure being studied. In this way, students are being stimulated to learn basic anatomy. Our Clinical colleagues make very helpful contributions in this area..

The Undergraduate student population which averages about 650 consists of Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy and Physiology students. The department has inputs into the training of Nurses, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering and Residency Students Programme.

The department runs postgraduate M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. There are strong links existing between this department and Clinical Sciences department in which members of staff of this School provide services for them.

Ag. Head  – Dr. C.N. Anigbogu, B.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

The department of Physiology is responsible for teaching both Basic and Applied Human Physiology through Lectures, Seminars, practical classes aand Clinico-Physiological conferences to its students. The undergraduate student population of this department numbers about 700 in each session for the Professional degree courses in Physiology and Pharmacology.

This department has achieved adequate exposure to problems in Physiology and adequate contact with members of staff particularly for practical and Seminars sessions wherein students are divided into two major groups A and B. Each group is further sub-divided into Ten(10) sub-groups of students. There are two practical and seminar classes a week ie on Mondays and Thursdays for groups A and B respectively. In addition, the department runs Postgraduate programmes in Physiology for M.Sc M.Phil and PhD students.

The department of Physiology runs courses for:

-Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology Part IIA
-Institute of Science Laboratory Technology
-Residency Programme of the Fellowship of the Nigerian and West African Medical Councils
-Diploma Programme for Nurse tutors
-Student Nurses
-Biomedical Engineering Students

The department also collaborates with other departments in research work and provides expertise
 as Clinical Physiologists for Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Head  –  Prof. O.A.T. Ebuehi B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Biochemistry is a science discipline basic to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Physiotherapy, Physiology, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Science. The department of Biochemistry of the University of Lagos is located at the College of Medicine equipped to teach and carry out researches in Biochemical sciences.

As a primary function, the department offers courses in Biochemistry to Medical, Dental and Para-Medical students of the College of Medicine. The Department also runs the following degree programmes-

  • A four- year programme for the faculty of science leading to a B.Sc(Hon) degree in Biochemistry
  • ostgraduate programme for the School of Prograduate Studies to the M.Sc., M.Phil and PhD  degrees in Biochemistry
The department also teaches Biochemistry as service course to students reading for other B.Sc (Hons) Degrees in the College of Medicine, Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy as well as the Diploma course in the Institute of Science Laboratory Technology and finally to the students of the National and West African Postgraduate Medical and Dental Colleges.

The Department has been organized into specific research groups such as Molecular Biology, proteins and Enzymology, biomembrances, Food & Nutrition, Natural Products & Contraceptive Technology. Owing to this, many papers has been published in these areas by members of staff of the Department. Some of the areas which have received national and international attention as well as grant support include the departmental efforts on hypanosonnal research and the development of Cholera vaccines.

In addition, some products such as wines, milk and condiments from plant sources has been produced and exhibited at fairs where they received accreditations.

Members of staff are also involved in consultancy services to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in special areas and has played administrative roles in the University of Lagos. Some Academic members provide assistance to some Nigerian Universities serving as External Examiners for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree examinations and also serve in National University Council (NUC) team.

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