Congrats to the newly admitted medical students

You’ve made it!!! Among thousands of students who applied, you were selected. Wrong, not selected like in other parts of the world, but you merited it, you passed. Medical school admission is not something you’re given, you take it by force. Since the time of John Hopkins, the colleges of medicine have suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.
First JAMB, you ate that monster like beans, others relied on expo, which eventually failed them, in the end they had to tell stories of how they were given a score insufficient to attempt medicine. But not you, what’s physics, chemistry, biology and English -that annoying, time wasting English -to you? It’s nothing. You probably ticked the answers away humming ” this subjects can hold me down” in your head. Eventually, you got – you weren’t given, note the difference – above 200 marks, consequently, you’re through with stage one, on to the next one.
The next one? Yes, The Next One, the big one, the hurdle that trips so many, the sieve that separates the grain from the chaff. Post UTME. Maths and English, time to dust New General Maths, Additional Maths, Further Maths Project and many others, time to bring out the English textbooks from wherever they’re gathering dust. Time to face this final battle, time for this last stand. Lo, exams over, one week later results are out.
I can hear your heart thumping, can see your hands shaking, you can’t even read your application number well, it’s that serious. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s the next one year we’re talking about here. Hence, the rhythmic tintinnabulatory pounding of your heart as you wait to jubilate, or not. Whao! It’s the former,you scored high, you stand a great chance of becoming a medical student.
So begins a frantic wait for cutoff marks to be released, every single minute, typing “unilag cutoff marks” in Google search bar. Logging into Nairaland first thing in the morning and last thing at night, to hear the latest from others like you. After a long wait, and exchange of many encouraging words -and a few heated ones- on Nairaland, the cutoff is finally out, and you made it!!!
All that now stands between you and calling Iya Risiki and Baba Rukayat, to inform them that you’re now in medicine, is the admission list. That is no problem, your name will definitely be there, but you still have to pray. Anything could happen, not that I’ve ever heard that anything happened before, because the school you applied for is a study in credibility, but still anything is possible, though quite improbable. Hence, Oluwa gets involved, of course He’s been involved all along for you to get this far, but now He has to be extra – involved. A round of fasting and prayer thus begins, so your joy wouldn’t be truncated.
Finally, the list is out, and we’re here. Your name is on it. You’re jumping for joy, and you’ve got every reason to. I saw the crowd the day you wrote the joint matriculation exam, the human traffic was crazy that day. I also saw the crowd the day you came to write the post utme exam. The line you guys formed in front of CITS prevented me from getting a bus to Yaba, I had to trek to gate that because of you. Well, now I forgive you, because my trek wasn’t in vain, next session, you’d be preparing to join me at Idi-Araba. I knew you’d make it, among those thousands and thousands of people, I knew you, the successful ones would make it, how? My psychic intuitivity( or intuition, I like longer words). I knew that no matter how many there are, a few would make it, just as it was for me and others before me, just as it is for you and will be for years to come.
We’d be here to advice you, guide you, answer your many questions about medical school, so check in regularly, but for now, relax, enjoy the moment, bask in the euphoria of success. Like they said in that old Sound City advert most of you are too young to remember – You Have Found Fulfillment.


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  1. john ken says:

    Congrats to the newly admitted medical students form is out call 08138219188


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