A poem by ZAZU, a medical doctor.

What! Past 10 and I’m still sleeping!
My alarm’s been beep-beep-beeping.
Should’ve been in class since seven,
I know I shouldn’t have eaten.
Man, I have read nothing today,
I didn’t come to school to play,
All these courses I must read them,
Off to class until 5.00am.
-with coffee, and packs of chewing gum
Just to drive off sleep when it comes.

So I walk the distance to class
Then unpack my books and papers,
But first let me read the scriptures;
You know, let The Spirit teach us.
I’m done by eleven thirty
Now I’ve started feeling thirsty.
So I stroll to buy some water,
I get back when it’s a quarter
To twelve. Phew, now I’ll start jacking.
Fifteen minutes of brain racking
Then suddenly utter darkness.
Lights out? Oh, what’s all this madness?
Nothing my matches can’t handle,
But oops, I forgot the candles.
Minutes later and I am aligning
Near a lamp that’s barely shining.
I strain my eyes for some moments
Then grumble some tired comments.
Mosquitoes are now distracting me
From the books I can barely see.
A packet of chewing gum later,
My masseters painfully thicker,
I bow my head for some minutes,
Whoever constructed these seats
Should have been more considerate
Of students who stay up so late…
-I will chew that coffee later
Thank God I still have some water.
Its 01:30, I’ll rest a bit.
Let me raise my legs to the seats
-Just to avoid the mosquitoes-
My bag should make a good pillow…

Seconds later I jerk awake;
This blinding light is a mistake!
This can’t be sunlight in my eyes!
Slowly I come to realize
I’ve been sleeping for 5 hours
-It must be those evil powers
That say I won’t make it in life.
They won’t succeed, I will survive.
I gather my things, pack my bag,
I know I look like an old hag.
My eyes are half-closed, red, swollen,
I just wish the ground will open.
Walking back, I avert my gaze
From bright eyes staring at my face.
Then comes what I have been dreading:
“Prof, welcome back, where have you been?
“You need to rest, you’ve jacked enough
“I hope the night was not too rough.”
But the sleep is not done with me,
I’m dulling, drowsy and weary,
Three words are on my mind all day
“WHO SENT ME!!!”, what else can I say

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